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Hair Extension Removal Form

Many of those working in the hair extension industry understand the importance of a hair extensions consultation form when meeting a new client for the first time, however many neglect the importance of a hair extension removal form, even for new or existing clients.

Hair extensions removal forms are an important part of the hair extension process, as the removal is actually a lot more complicated than a fitting.

The ease of a removal will greatly lie in the level of care your client has put into looking after her hair extensions, and therefore every hair extension removal will be unique with its only set of challenges.

What Does A Hair Extension Removal Form Include?

A hair extension removal form includes a number of different elements associated with the hair extension fitting itself, and with the removal process.

Firstly, the removal will address the level of care taken with the set of hair extensions. Most notably, the removal form will address the maintenance appointments attended by your client. Maintenance appointments are incredibly important in ensuring the health and longevity of the clients hair and hair extensions, and therefore those who have attended regular maintenance appointments are far level likely to suffer any form of damage from a hair extension fitting.

Your consultation form should address the recommended amount of maintenance appointments your client should attend, which they would have agreed to and understood, therefore your removal form will note down the recommended number of maintenance appointments agreed, and the amount actually attended (Download a copy of a hair extension consultation form). If the amount attended is lower than the recommended amount, this ensures your client is aware and understands that the condition of her natural hair is dependent on her commitment to the agreed terms, and by not attending regular appointments this may lead to some implications on the natural hair.

Secondly, your hair extension removal form will address the overall condition of the hair extensions. The most common issue encountered when removing hair extensions is matts or tangles around the roots of the hair, where a client has failed to separate her bonds resulting in matted bonds. Here you will have the opportunity to note down the percentage of bonds that have tangled, to ensure your client is aware that tangled hair extensions are more challenging to remove, and the potential breakage this could have caused.

If you encounter consistent issues with tangled and matted roots from your clients, check out this article which details the importance of separating hair extension bonds. You may wish to print this out and provide it to your clients to decrease the likelihood of this issue occurring which is incredibly common in hair extension care.

You Should Gain Consent From Your Customer Before Removing Their Hair Extensions

Once read and understood, your client will then sign to state she understands fully the removal process, and that the aftercare procedure was put in place to minimise any damage, therefore a failure in following this may have resulted in possible hair breakage.

Thankfully, all of the above is a worst case scenario only. For the majority of clients, they would have attended their regular maintenance appointments, and will have no sign of tangles or matts, resulting in a very quick and easy removal.

Ensuring your client reads and completes a form such as this ensures that both you and your client have a full understanding of the removal process, resulting in happy, satisfied clients. In providing your client with a procedure such as this, your client is offered the reassurance that you are a true professional, standing out among your competitors.

Please be aware that this is to be used as a guide only, and documents such as this are not legally binding unless you have consulted with a solicitor.

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