SimplyHair Trade Accounts

By registering as a SimplyHair trade customer you’ll receive discounts on our products. Signing up is super simple and takes only a few minutes – just complete the form linked below and your account will be activated instantly!

All you need is confirmation of a hair extension or hairdressing qualification or proof that you own a business website or social media page. It’s as easy as that! We offer our trade accounts from mobile stylists to salon owners – any professional can join. No sign-up cost or minimum spend. 

20% OFF Colouring
Get 20% off our colouring and hairdressing tools, including foils and tint brushes
Get 20% Off
20% OFF Hair
Get 20% off our entire Hair Extension range, plus aftercare and tools
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Free Next Day Delivery
FREE next day delivery by 1pm on orders over £199. T&Cs apply. International orders get FREE delivery on orders over $199 USD
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No sign-up cost or minimum spend
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