As a hair extension technician, it is very important that you provide every client with a consultation form.  A consultation form will help you to understand the individual needs of your clients, as well as flagging up any potential problems that you need to be aware of before the fitting, putting your client needs and requirement’s first at all times.

Why Do I Need A Hair Extension Consultation Form For My Business?

There are a number of different reasons why you need a consultation form for each of your clients.

Firstly, having a consultation form will help you to keep track of all of your clients.  It is a place where your clients name, address and contact details are stored so that in the event you need to contact them you will know exactly where to find the information.  It will also help you if a client contacts you a year or so after their original fitting for a second, as you will already have lots of information for them.

Secondly and most importantly, a consultation form is an opportunity to ask some more in depth questions to your client without them feeling uncomfortable, to help you establish and ensure they are suitable for hair extensions.  For example, your consultation form may ask questions such as “have you experienced any problems with hair extensions in the past”, or ”do you have any allergies”.  By taking down all of this information, you can be sure that your client is suitable for a fitting, much in the same way as a hairdresser would perform a skin test ahead of colouring your hair.

Here we have a handy download of a consultation form template.  You can use the information here to create your own documents to provide your customer during a consultation.

Please be aware that this is to be used as a guide only, and documents such as this are not legally binding unless you have consulted with a solicitor.

Keep Hair Extension Client Consultation Forms And Records Safe

It is very important that once you have acquired this information you store it in a safe place.   You may need to refer back to it at some point, therefore setting up a filing system will help you to stay organised as your client base grows.

Dont Forget To Ask Your Client To Complete A Hair Extension Consultation Form

It may not seem important now, but a consultation is key to determining the suitability of each of your clients, and not only offers them protection, but also helps you in the event of a negative situation.  If, for example, your client was pregnant during the fitting, however had not disclosed this or made you aware, and then encountered complications with her hair extensions potentially due to the pregnancy, this will help you to explain to your client that you were not made aware of these circumstances, and that had you been you may have not been able to perform the fitting.

Bring A Consultation Form To Every Fitting

Finally, now that you have created your very own consultation form, we would recommend printing off enough so that you are never caught short before a fitting.  Keep them in a nice neat file so that they do not become crumpled in your case, and remember to ask every client to complete one before you start the fitting.

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