Removal Form – Not Your Fitting

How many times have you been contacted by someone who is looking to have hair extensions removed, that were not fitted by you?  If you have been fitting hair extensions for some time now, it is quite likely that this situation has happened a number of times.

Should I Remove Hair Extensions I Didn’t Fit?

The fact of the matter is that there is a reason why this individual is coming to you instead of the individual who fit the hair extensions.  They may have been unable to get hold of this person, relocated, or simply do not trust the original fitter.  Whatever the reason, someone is reaching out and asking for your help.

Many hair extension technicians are against removing someone else work, mainly due to the fear that they will be blamed if something were to go wrong, or if the hair was damaged during the time the hair extensions were in.

These are of course legitimate concerns, however with the right approach not only can you feel confident in removing another technicians work, but you can also help to do the right thing for someone who might have to result in taking the hair extensions out herself if no professional is willing to do it for her.

Complete A Hair Extension Removal Form First

It is simple, you just need to address these concerns with the individual before the removal takes place.  The individual needs to fully understand that whilst you are happy to attempt to remove the hair extensions for her, and are of course trained to do so, that she is fully aware of any limitations and implications.   As you did not see her hair before the fitting took place, have not been present during any maintenance appointments, and did not offer any aftercare advice, the condition of her natural hair cannot be predicted or guaranteed by you.

Hair extensions that have been fit incorrectly, or not cared for correctly can be challenging to remove, and in some cases this can result in hair breakage.

In order to help establish this understanding between you and your client, you may wish to use a template such as the one in this handy download.  This helps to address many of these issues before the removal takes place.

Please be aware that this is to be used as a guide only, and documents such as this are not legally binding unless you have consulted with a solicitor.

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