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Hair Extensions and Holidays - Our Top 10 Tips

With many opting to holiday abroad each year, it is important to understand how different climates and environments can affect our hair extensions. This will ensure that you are taking all of the necessary steps to protect your beautiful hair extensions. Holidays are a time in which hair extensions need extra care and attention, they are often subjected to elements such as chlorine, salt water, hard water and sun expsoure, all of which can have an affect on your hair extensions.

Looking after your hair extensions when on holiday

Hair extensions are very easy to look after when you are away on holiday once you know what you are doing, therefore here we shall go through out top 10 holiday tips that will keep your hair extensions looking beautiful before, during, and after your holiday.

Tip 1: Take A Hair Extension Suitable Hair Oil

We start off our list with our most important tip for those looking to care for their hair extensions on holiday, and this is hair oils. Hair oils help to retain the moisture levels in your hair extensions, and due to the increased temperatures and exposure to moisture zapping elements like chlorine, salt water and hard water, this will be key in ensuring your hair extensions stay silky soft. We are proud stockists of HairExtensionsBff hairapeutix pre shampoo treatment, a brand which specialises in hair extension treatments. It all natural, organic, and contains absolutely no silicones, sulfates or any chemical nasties. If you invest in anything for your holiday wardrobe, let it be this!

Tip 2: Hair Extension Aftercare Products Must Be Taken In Holiday

When packing you must ensure that you take with you a hair extension shampoo and conditioner. Not only have these been designed for use with hair extensions, but many forget that once on holiday you might not find it easy to locate a shop that sells a good quality shampoo, ending up being stuck with the hotels own supply. By taking your own along, you wont be running the risk of using a shampoo that is not suited to your hair extensions. Hair extension shampoos and conditioners are specially formulated to help your hair extensions stay in condition, check out our hair extension aftercare set, which combines everything you need to care for your hair extensions when home or away.

Tip 3: Avoid Sea Water & Chlorine When Wearing Hair Extensions

For the majority of us, the idea of dunking our head under the water is not really that appealing, however if you are the type that likes to do a few lengths and splash about in the pool and you are wearing hair extensions, keep your head above water. Hair extensions which are exposed to sea water or chlorine may become dry, tangled, or discoloured due to the chemicals and heavy salts/metals found in this type of water which can be a nightmare for hair extensions, especially those which are blonde. Hair extension suppliers do not recommend that hair extensions are worn on holiday for this very reason, however if you are planning to wear your hair extensions aboard there are 3 key steps to follow:
  1. Keep your hair out of the water as much as possible
  2. Take with you treatment which helps to reduce the impact the water can have, we recommend Malibu C Hard Water Treatment to prevent discolouration, and Hairapeutix Pre Shampoo treatment to prevent dryness. Buy these in a handy combo pack for just £9.99.
  3. Wear old hair extensions, if you don't need a brand new set just yet, put it off until you return, this way if your hair extensions are effected it wont be a brand new set.
  4. Tip 4: How To Wear Your Hair Extensions When Swimming

    If you do go in the water and plan on getting your hair wet despite the above advice, make sure your hair is in an easily manageable style. By this, we mean a style that can easily be taken down once you are out of the water. A plait is an example of an easily manageable style, as you will be able to un-plait the hair easily once out of the water. Styles to avoid are messy buns for example, as this will encourage the hair to knot and tangle which will make the removal of the bun when your hair is wet and full or chlorine/salt water very difficult.
SimplyHair stock the Anti-Tension Extension Bobble which is perfect for holidays as it is a hair extension friendly hair tie.

Tip 5: Love Your Hair Extension Hair Brush

If it isn’t already, your hair extension hair brush should become your new best friend. Take your hair brush everywhere you go, regularly brushing your hair extensions. Salt in the air can make even our natural hair slightly more unmanageable, therefore having a hairbrush will help to keep things under control. It is essential that the hair brush you are using is hair extension friendly, as this will ensure it does not damage the hair of the bonds. You require a hair extension hair brush that has flexible bristles and can easily glide over your hair extension bonds, whilst also gently removing knots and tangles.

Tip 6: Brushing Your Wet Hair Extensions

If you get your hair wet, do not let your hair extensions dry before you have brushed it. Take your hair out of the plait whilst it is wet, brush your hair, and then tie is back up. Leaving it to dry in the same style before you attempt to brush it may make it more difficult resulting in pulling and tension on the bonds. Again, as with the above, having a hair extension suitable hair brush will allow you to do this easily, without putting too much pressure on the bonds. Brushing your hair with a normal hair brush may result in pulling and tension that can cause the hair extensions to loosen, therefore flexible bristles are key.

Tip 7: Never Sleep With Your Hair Extensions Wet

This is a very important rule generally for hair extensions wearers, however it can be more tempting to give in and sleep with your hair wet when on holiday. Doing this may result in your hair extensions tangling together or in a worst case scenario matting, therefore you should always make sure your hair is dry and secured in a plait before sleeping. Check out our advise on why it is not advised to sleep with wet hair extensions here.

Tip 8: Don't Wear Brand New Hair Extensions On Holiday

We briefly touched on this point earlier, and thats the temptation to have a brand new set of hair extensions fitted before a holiday. If possible, try to keep an existing set in and have them maintained before you travel in order to have them looking as good a possible, rather than having a fresh set fitted. This way, even if the sun, sea and sand does have a negative impact on your hair, you wont be left too disappointed if that hair is due for a change anyway.

Tip 9: Protect Your Hair Extensions From UVB & UVA Rays

In additional to protecting your hair extensions from pool and sea water, you will also want to try to protect your hair extensions from the sun.

As well as your skin, your hair should also be shielded from the suns powerful rays, as extensive exposure can have a negative impact on the appearance of your hair extensions. By wearing a hat when out in the sun you will be protecting your hair as well as your face from the strong UVA and UVB rays, which is highly recommend for hair extension lovers.

Tip 10: Book In For A Hair Extension Maintenance Appointment After A Holiday

When you return from your holiday, it is very important that you schedule in for a maintenance appointment with your technician. She/He will be able to check through your bonds to make sure they are looking lovely and healthy, replace any hair that needs changing, and give your hair a good trim to remove any ends which may be looking tired. If you have suffered from exposure to the sun, sea and sand, your hair extension technician may also be able to help freshen your hair, however as the majority of salons do not guarantee the quality of hair extension when worn abroad, following the advise above and protecting your hair extensions will stop you facing any disappointment when you return.