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The Keep Me Ultimate Kit is everything you’re going to need to clean, nourish and style your hair extensions. 

The Keep Me Ultimate Kit Includes:

SimplyHair Shampoo

SimplyHair Conditioner

HairExtensionsBff Pre-Shampoo Treatment

SimplyHair Bobble

SimplyHair Brush

SimplyHair Aftercare Card 

Product Description

Hair Extensions Shampoo

Developed for use with your hair extensions, our shampoo formula has been created to provide you with a simple solution to your aftercare needs.

Hair extensions require extra care when it comes to washing as they no longer receive the nutrients your scalp provides to your natural hair, therefore our extra nourishing formula will keep your hair extensions feeling soft and looking shiny with our non-drying formula.

Suitable for use with all types of hair extensions including prebonded glue, stick tip and nano ring hair extensions, you can feel confident that your hair extensions are well cared for on a daily basis.

Suitable for daily use, our shampoo works perfectly with both your hair extensions and natural hair.

Hair Extensions Conditioner

The perfect partner to our hair extensions shampoo, a conditioner designed to work for you and your new hair.

A great conditioner is key to your hair looking and feeling great, which is why this super nourishing formula will leave your hair extensions feeling silky smooth, manageable, and shiny.  Our conditioner can also be used to help restore dry hair which has suffered the effects of over styling or processing.

Designed for daily use, our conditioner should be used on the mid lengths to ends of the hair extensions only, and should not be placed directly on the bonds.

Can be used on both natural hair and human hair extensions.


The only brush you will ever need.

Suitable for use on both wet and dry hair extensions, our unique detangler has been created specifically for use with bonded hair extensions.

With ultra thin and flexible bristles, the detangler offers enough resistance to remove tangles effectively, whilst being flexible enough to exert minimal pressure on the hair extension bonds.

Suitable for all hair extension fitting methods, including micro ring, weft, nano tip, tape and clip in.

Anti-Tension Extension Bobble

Designed to minimize kinks and tangles, keeping your hair extensions and hair in pristine condition.

Why we love our Anti-Tension Extension Bobbles:

• Won’t kink your hair
• Relieves pressure on the scalp
• Strong grip
• Reduce the tugging/tearing/tangling of hairs
• Compatible with every hair type
• Water resistant
• Hygienic
• Subtle in the hair

Our Anti-Tension Extension Bobbles come in packs of 3.

HairExtensionsBff Pre Shampoo 

Now included in our SimplyHair aftercare pack for an all natural injection of nourishment.

Restore tired hair in one week with HairExtensionsBff pre-shampoo fix.

A completely natural formula designed for use with hair extensions, 0% silicones, 0% sulphates and 0% parabens.

Advice Card

All the essential aftercare advice you require on 1 handy aftercare card.

Additional Information


1 x Aftercare Advice Card, 1 x Anti-Tension Extension Bobble, 1 x Detangler, 1 x Hair Extension Conditioner, 1 x Hair Extension Shampoo, 1 x Hairapeutix Weekly Fix.

Suitable For

All Hair Types, Natural Hair, Human Hair Extensions.

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