Caring For Your Hair After Hair Extensions

Once your hair extensions have been removed, it is really important to take care of your natural hair, as it could have been neglected while you were wearing your hair extensions. Whether your hair extensions are only out temporarily between refits, or you have decided to take a longer break from them for the time being, there are a few things you can do to make the most of this time.

Here are our top tips on caring for your natural hair after your hair extension have been removed.

  1. Firstly, you will need to give your hair a thorough wash. There is likely to be removal solution residue in your hair or the remnants of the fitting process. Even micro ring and nano ring hair extension can deposit some glue residue onto the hair during the time you are wearing your hair extensions, so your hair must be thoroughly washed after the removal process.
  2. Gently brush through your hair. There may be a fair amount of shedding hairs ready to fall, so it is essential to try to brush these free in one go to get that out of the way. Shedding hair can feel a little worrying. However, it is entirely normal, and we have a whole article you can check out on this here.
  3. When brushing your natural hair, keep using your hair extension brush. This has been designed to be gentle on your hair extensions but is also gentle on your natural hair. Hence, it is essential to keep using it where possible.
  4. Now that your hair has been washed and brushed through, it is time to get a trim. You may be reluctant to cut any of your length away, given that you have already had to remove your hair extensions, however giving your hair a regular trim is key to its health. We would highly recommend seeking a professional to do this for you to ensure it is straight and even.
  5. After your trim, you are ready to start using some more intensive treatments on your hair to help revive it after any damage or neglect. Our all-time favourite product for this is the HairExtensionsBff Pre-shampoo treatment. This is an all-natural combination of nourishing oils, designed condition from within, revitalising your hair while adding softness and shine.
  6. Apply the treatment to your natural hair (when your hair is dry), and allow the treatment to soak in overnight. As your hair extensions have been removed, you can use this treatment up to your scalp.
  7. In the morning, wash away the treatment using your regular shampoo and conditioner, to reveal beautifully soft and shiny hair.
  8. We would recommend using a treatment like this once or twice a week while you are not wearing your hair extensions. This is to condition it as much as possible so that it is strong and healthy for when your new set of hair extensions are fitted.

Top Tip: If you have had your hair extensions removed and are due a refit very soon, then it is worth maximising this time as much as possible, doing regular conditioning treatments. Your natural hair should ideally get a few weeks of break between removal and refit, so put in the time while you can to boost the condition of your natural hair.