SimplyHair Wave Form

Please fill in below the number of heads you have in one or all categories. To make this program sustainable, we need a minimum of 20 heads worth. Please keep up the good work, carry on saving, and come back once you have more hair.



Terms & Conditions

All returns are sent on a non-recorded method in order to ensure the scheme is sustainable, therefore we do not take any responsibility for parcels getting lost and cannot be held accountable for any missing hair returns.

If this scheme is misused and hair is returned to us intended for our customer service team, you will not receive a refund for the hair, and the hair will be considered lost. 

We have the right to refuse your parcel if it doesn’t meet the right quota and reject you sending any more hair under the SimplyHair Wave scheme in future if deemed necessary by SimplyHair (this will not affect your rights to our standard returns policy).

We reserve the right to terminate this service at any time however, we ensure all returned hair intended for this project will be donated/disposed of in a responsible manner. 

If the box includes anything other than hair, we will return the box to you however, you will incur the return postage fee.

We reserve the right to pause or cancel this service at any time without any explanation.

We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time.