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SimplyHair Wave

Limiting plastic waste is great and you can see the journey we’ve been on to reduce our footprint here. However, we also wanted to find a solution for our hair waste, which is why we’re introducing the SimplyHair Wave Project. This project enables us to recycle your client’s old hair extensions into hair mats, the hair mats will then be used to combat oil spills, crazy right!

See below on how you can help us save the oceans…


So what is the SimplyHair Wave Project?

What We’re Doing

We’ve teamed up with Matter Of Trust to turn all your used and unwanted hair into ocean mats! These ocean mats will then be used to clean up oil spills all around the world! Wondering how? Well, hair is super absorbent, which is why it loves a nourishing conditioner however, it also works the same to clean up oil spills, who knew?!

What You Can Do To Help 

We need old/used hair extensions! Just simply save as much as you can, then when you have enough to send (roughly a shoe box full), click the link below and we’ll send you a FREE postage label to send us the hair. And that’s it! That’s all you need to do to help save the planet, for more details on the scheme, see below.

How do I recycle my hair extensions?

Ship Your Old Hair To Us 

When you’re done with your client’s old hair, instead of throwing the extensions in the bin, collect it and when you have a box full, send it back to us. This way we help save the planet, the more hair you send us in one go – the better for then environment! We can only accept real hair, so no synthetics please, but we’re happy to take all human hair extensions from any brand, not just SimplyHair. Fill out the form linked below to get a free postage label that you can print off and stick to your box! This form is for old hair that needs recycling only, please do not use this form/label to send us your hair returns as there will be no refunds.

What Happens Then? 

Once we’ve collected enough hair from our customers we ship it off to Matter Of Trust, the hair is then bulked and made into ocean and drainage mats. These mats will then be used to clean the world’s oceans, simple! Now, let’s save the planet together!