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Free shipping on orders over £199

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Customer Disclaimer

Due to the lack of control we have over application once the item has been shipped from us, SimplyHair can accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any damage or injury caused by third parties.  The purchasers must determine if the glue, colour, after-care products are suitable for the wearers requirements prior to application, and all products are for professional use only.

SimplyHair does not accept any responsibility for hair that has been coloured or altered in any way after purchase including the use of any after-care products other than those available from our website which have been designed for use with our hair extensions.

SimplyHair accepts no responsibility for the installation of products from our business by third parties including after-care requirements.  This also includes and is not limited to damage caused by cutting, or failure to care for the hair correctly resulting in hair or skin damage.

For our business customers, it is your responsibility to discuss with your client their needs and requirements. Once installed it becomes your responsibility to ensure the wearer is looking after them correctly and is following the recommended after-care advise. If a colour is installed to a clients hair, and it is then brought to your attention that there is a colour discrepancy we are not able to assist with this, therefore we would advise that upon receipt of your extensions that you always check the colours against your colour ring to ensure you are happy with them before installation.

If you were to find a discrepancy between a colour received and your colour ring, please let us know immediately so that we can assess this and correct it for you where possible. Please note that colour rings are to be used as a guide only, and from time to time so slight variations in colour may arise. We would advise you to upgrade your colour ring at least every 6 months, and will notify customer where possible of any significant colour changes.

If an item is considered to be used or tampered with you will be offered the option to pay for its return to you. We will contact via email and you will have 30 days to respond to this. If you do not agree to pay to have it sent back to you, do not respond to us or fail to collect it from us in person once the 30 days have passed the item will be destroyed.

Before using the product you should check that your are happy with the item first. Most discrepancies in the colour or style are resolvable, however the item must return to us unopened and in its original condition for us to be able to help. Please check the colour and the style before opening the packaging to avoid not being able to return the item to us.

All colours displayed online are as accurate a match as possible to the real item, however different screen resolutions and monitors may display the colour slightly differently, and therefore we would advise you to check the product once it arrives to ensure you are happy with the colour before opening the packaging.

Our products are for professional use only, and SimplyHair accepts no liability for any damage caused by a salon or 3rd party as this falls within the jurisdiction of the salon/extensionist, and client contract, and are thus the absolute responsibility of the salon/hair extensionist.

Our hair extensions require specific maintenance to ensure their quality and therefore we would only recommend using products available for purchase from us, as they have been specifically designed for use with our extensions. Should you choose to use an alternative product we can accept no liability or responsibility for its effect on the quality of the extensions.

All offers on the website are subject to stock availability, and we reserve the right to restrict or refuse any order at any time.

Orders are allocated on a first come first serve basis and stock cannot be reserved.