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Finding A Work Life Balance For Your Hair Extension Business

When it comes to running a hair extension business, one of the challenges many of us face is establishing a work life balance. At the start of any business it is normal to put 110% off your time into growing and establishing new customers, however once the business has grown legs and is creating a steady income, some find that they struggle to maintain a social life and achieve time to themselves due to the temptation to squeeze in an extra client here and another client there. Whilst putting your time and energy into your hair extension business is essential, it is of equal importance that you set a schedule of your working hours to ensure you are taking some time off to recuperate, as this will prevent you from burning out and help you to run your business more successfully.

Setting Working Hours For Self Employed Hair Extension Technicans

Although it is tempting to work 100% of the time, you will need to establish a rough working time table to go by. This of course can be flexible from week to week, however working 7 days a week will eventually take its toll, so setting 2 days aside a week is a good place to start. You may choose to work a normal working week with weekends off as with most jobs, however you may find that a lot of your customers work full time, so it could be beneficial for you to choose different days off such as Mondays and Tuesdays.

Day Time And Evening Hours

As a mobile hair extension business with all kinds of customers, you may from time to time find it is more convenient to fit clients in after normal working hours, therefore if you do decide to work during the evening, you should ensure that you are having sufficient rest between fittings. Working all day and all night back to back may be profitable, but it will leave you very tired, so try to stagger your day and evening appointments so that you have enough time to rest in between.

Learn To Say No To Customers

When you run your own business, it can sometimes be difficult to say no to a client if you simply can’t fit them in for an appointment. This may be hard, however if a client is asking for an appointment on a Sunday afternoon that you simply cannot or do not want to fit in, it is ok to say no. Working for yourself comes with many pressures, however you must remember that you are entitled to a life outside of work, and you do not have to cater to every request made by a client. You should of course do everything you can to fit clients in where it is convenient, but try to learn when the right and wrong times are to bend over backwards for your customers.

Setting Up A Work Phone Number For Your Hair Extension Customers

Consider getting a second number that you can provide for your clients. This will mean that on your days off you can allow your customers calls to come through to your voicemail so that they can be followed up on your next day at work. By all means check this number or keep it on you on your days off if you are happy to answer customer calls, but should you need some time to step away for personal reasons, or just a little break, this will allow you to do so. It is inevitable that clients will call and text late on a Sunday evening, so having a second telephone number will allow this to become a choice whether or not you answer or leave the reply until your next working day.

Working In The Hair Extension Industry Is Fun

Working in the hair extension industry is a fun, profitable and exciting job, and you will meet lots of wonderful people, however by setting some boundaries for your working hours you are much more likely to feel fulfilled by your job, rather than over worked and exhausted. We hope that this friendly advice will help you and your business to thrive for years to come.

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