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Winter Hair Extension Care

Looking after your hair extensions is a forever changing process when adjusting your routines for each season. Winter comes with many changes that need to be considered; here, we will outline some of the aftercare essentials you can introduce into your routines to care for your hair extensions in the colder months.

Expect More Tangling

Even high-quality hair extensions such as SimplyHair will face more tangling issues in the winter, purely due to harsher climate and weather conditions. You must carry a hair extension brush with you, as unlike in the summer, your hair extensions will need brushing multiple times a day.

Why is this? The cold, windy and damp weather will result in your hair feeling knotty after a winter walk, and that is TOTALLY normal. Remember walking to school as a teenager with your freshly straightened natural hair, only to find it looks like a bird's nest when you arrive? Hair is supposed to react like this. It is porous and absorbs the damp air, resulting in more challenging hair that needs a good brush. It is essential to remember that it is not your hair; it's the weather. If this is a concern to you, we recommend that you secure your hair to protect it from the weather when going out. You can do this by tucking your hair into your coat and wearing a hat.

More layers increases tangling

In the summer, you will need minimal layers when out and about, so there is very little chance that hair will experience natural friction against your clothes. By contrast, in the winter, you often wear jumpers, coats, and scarves, with lots of creases and pockets for the hair to fall into. Thus, hair needs a brush when removing clothing layers, as the surface of the hair has been sitting on was not as flat and streamlined like it would have been in the summer. Your hair is not being more challenging, it is your clothes that are having an impact on your hair, and therefore carrying a hair extension brush will help to overcome this.

Hair is porous and absorbs the damp cold atmosphere

As hair is porous, when you are out in the cold, wind, or drizzle, your hair will slowly absorb these elements. This will mean that your hair extensions will need more conditioning to keep them in a beautiful, healthy condition. In the winter months, treat your hair to a hair extension mask and hair extension oil to replenish the strands with some nourishing moisture and balance out anything that it has taken in from outside.

Make sure your clients are clued up for winter hair care

It is imperative to make clients aware of how the changing seasons will impact their hair, as this will ensure they understand how to care for their hair, and it reduces the risk of encountering any problems. Clients should always follow the general aftercare advice for hair extensions. However, these added tips will help clients understand their hair extensions more and appropriately care for them without causing any concern.