Why Wont My 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions Hold A Curl?

If you have purchased a set of straight 100% human remy hair extensions, but have noticed that they do not hold a curl very well, you may be left wondering why this is. This is a question that is asked frequently amongst the hair extensions community, as the issue is common place for hair extensions of all origins and qualities. Whilst the idea of hair extensions not being able to hold a curl may at first seem concerning, there is in fact a very simple reason why this can occur.

Why Do Some Human Hair Extensions Not Hold A Curl

The reason why some sets of hair extensions will curl and hold a style and others may not, is purely down to the fact that the product you are dealing with is a human product. This was not formulated through the use of chemicals, this grew directly from an individuals scalp, and therefore each set of hair extensions will have its own unique set of characteristics. Lets take our minds back to our school days to understand this concept from a different perspective. If you think back to when you were at school, and all of the different types of hair each girl in your class had, each would have their own benefits and draw backs. Some would have super slick shiny hair, others coarse and curly. Some would have hair that could hold any style imaginable, whereas others would have hair that would limp the moment it was exposed to even the tiniest puff of wind. Well hair extensions are not excluded from this rule, and the same theory can be applied to any set of hair extensions purchase across the globe.

No Two Sets Of Human Hair Extension Can Be 100% Identical

When purchasing a set of hair extensions, whether you consistently use the same brand or even the same colour, no two sets of hair extensions will ever be the same, and it is virtually impossible to control. If you have a set of 100% human remy hair extensions that do not hold a curl as well as a friend, or a previous set, unfortunately this is simply the nature of a human product. If your hair extensions will not hold a curl, the donor for which your hair extensions have come from most likely would have had the same frustration when the hair was her own, its part of nature, and its what makes hair extensions so beautiful. Hair extensions are a beautiful accessory which can be used to enhance our natural beauty, however it is very easy to forget that this is not just a product, but was once part of a living being. Embrace your new hair and the individual qualities it possesses, hair extensions take an incredibly long time to grow, and are a great sacrifice from the donor, and no matter what style they can or cannot hold, all hair extensions are beautiful in their own way.