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Why Is The Colour Chipping Off Of My Nano Rings?

If you have fitted a set of nano ring or micro ring hair extensions, you may come across the colour chipping away to reveal the metal underneath.

This is relatively common, as the metal rings are coated in colour in order to ensure that they match the root of a clients hair in a variety of different shades. In some circumstances, the colour coating can loosen and fall away, and here we seek to identify the reasons for this, in order to stop it from happening in the future.

One of the most common causes of micro rings and nano ring hair extensions chipping, is the outer surface of the ring becoming damaged during application. Micro ring and nano ring hair extensions can be fitted with both smooth and teethed pliers, and although micro ring and nano ring hair extensions are designed to be squeezed tightly and securely, if you squeeze them too tightly, you may damage the surface of the ring.

The damage might not show straight away, but it will allow substances to get behind the outer surface, and over time this may begin to lift away. The most common materials to get under the surface are water, shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. The more you wash and style your hair, the quicker the colour may chip away, and the more visible the rings may become.

As well as water and other substances making their way behind the outer surface, heated styling products will have an effect on how quickly the colour may chip away. Such as applying heat to the rings will weaken the outer surface, and further speed up the breakdown of the colour.

How Can I Stop My Micro Ring/Nano Rings From Chipping

To stop the chipping, you will need to review your fitting technique. It is likely that you are squeezing too tightly, and therefore we recommend using a model or a mannequin head to test your pressure. Apply rings using different pressures until you find one that is tight enough to keep the ring in place, but does not chip the colour. You may find that switching from a teeth based plier to a smooth plier is more suited to your own personal technique, if you are naturally quite heavy handed.

In addition to this, we would advise you to recommend that your clients try not to leave their micro ring/nano rings wet for too long, as allowing them to sit against wet hair will increase the chances of the paint coming away. At the very least, encourage your clients to dry around the bonds using a cool setting, as this should help stop the colour from chipping away over time.