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Why Do My Hair Extensions Itch?

If you have had a new set of hair extensions fitted, and have found your scalp to feel sensitive or itchy, you may be wondering whether or not this is normal.

Itchiness with brand new hair extensions is not necessarily something to be too concerned with, as it can be normal in some individuals, however we shall go through the reasons why your hair extensions may be itching to help you gain a better understanding of this side effect.

What Are The Top Causes For Itchy Hair Extensions?

The top causes of hair extension itchiness are:
  1. Incorrect aftercare products
  2. Incorrect use of aftercare products
  3. Excessive sweating
  4. Poor hair extension application
  5. Metal allergy

1. You Must Use The Correct Aftercare Products On Your Hair Extensions

It is absolutely essential that you are using the correct aftercare products on your hair extensions to reduce the chance of the hair extensions becoming itchy. Using the incorrect shampoo and conditioner may result in your scalp becoming itchy, as shampoos and conditioners are more challenging to remove when you are wearing hair extensions because of the bonds, and therefore a formula created for use with hair extensions will ensure that the product can be washed away correctly. Our hair extension shampoo and conditioner is created for use with all brands and origins of hair extensions.

2. Following The Correct Aftercare Routine

If you are using a hair extension suitable shampoo and conditioner, the second most common cause of itchy hair extensions is failure to look after the hair extensions correctly. From day one you must be following a recommended aftercare routine for your new hair during the day and night, to make sure you hair extensions are in the best condition possible. This includes using the correct hair extension hair brush, securing your hair correctly with a hair extension suitable bobble, as well as understanding how hair extensions should be worn in different environments. Hair extension which are in the early stages of becoming matted or tangled at the root can be incredibly itchy, so making sure you follow all of the advise needed for a set of hair extensions is very important.

Didn't receive any advice on caring for your hair extensions? Check out our aftercare advice cards which you can keep nearby to check and make sure you are sticking to a healthy hair extension regime.

3. Hair Extensions Can Become Itchy Due To Excessive Sweating

If you are an active person who enjoys daily activities such as the gym and exercise, you may find that your head has become itchier due to the sweat sitting on your scalp and becoming trapped in your hair extensions. This is very common for those who wear hair extensions and also attend the gym or similar, therefore we would recommend ensuring that your hair is always freshly washed after a gym session, using suitable aftercare products to help combat this issue.

4. Hair Extension Itchiness Can Be Due To An Inadequate Fitting

If you have experienced itching and cannot associate the cause to any of the above, there is a possibility that it may be down to the fitting itself. If the extensions have been fitted too tightly, then this can cause itchiness and discomfort which is unlikely to ease. In these circumstances you will need to contact your fitter to ask for an assessment of your scalp, and to have the extensions loosen if required.

5. Are You Allergic To Your Hair Extensions?

Finally, if you have looked into all of the above but are still struggling to get your scalp to settle after having a new set of hair extensions fitted, it could be the result of a metal allergy (for those opting for a prebonded method such as micro rings or nano rings). Read more about metal allergies here.

Newly Fitted Hair Extensions Require A Settling In Period

It is important to remember that for anybody having hair extensions fitted for the first time, there will be a period of time in which your hair extensions will need to settle, and some can at times find this a little uncomfortable. Depending on the sensitivity of your head/scalp, each individual will have their own personal experience of this, and whilst some may find that their hair extensions are comfortable from the word go, others may take a little time to get used to them.

It is very common that for the first few days following the fitting of your hair extensions, that your head may be more sensitive than usual. This can become particularly apparent at night, when you are sleeping on your freshly fitted extensions, with many describing the feeling as similar to that which occurs when you have tied your hair up for an entire day, and your head is feeling sensitive once you take it down.

If Your Hair Extensions Are Itchy Don’t Panic

Sensitivity and itchiness is a very, very common side effect of your freshly fitted hair extensions, and should be something your fitter makes you aware of beforehand. 9/10 times any itchiness or sensitivity will pass within the first few days, and is fixable through adjustments to your daily routine such as ensuring you are using all of the correct products and following the best advice. If you are however concerned, the best advice would be to contact your fitter for a full in-depth discussion, so that you can be booked in should any changes be required.

Are Your Hair Extension More Than Just Mildly Uncomfortable?

This level of sensitivity should be no more than mildly uncomfortable, and should not cause severe pain or unbearable discomfort. If you believe your hair extensions are causing you greater discomfort, it could be that they have been fitted too tightly, and therefore we would recommend contacting the individual or salon who has fitted them for you to have your scalp assessed, and the extensions loosened if necessary.

Please be aware that whilst itchiness in hair extensions is fairly common, especially in the first few weeks, if you have experienced a prolonged period of itching (longer than 2 weeks), or are finding your hair extensions it be more than mildly itchy/uncomfortable, we would recommend that you contact the professional that fitted your hair extensions to have them assessed.