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Why Are My Re-taped Hair Extensions Falling Out?

The great thing about tape hair extensions is that they can be used multiple times if the hair is well cared for and new tapes are applied. There is a common problem however, with hair extensions not being re-taped correctly, which can result in the hair extensions slipping or coming lose more quickly than the original set. Here we outline common reasons why this may happen, and how to correct it.

Common reasons why re-taped hair extensions slip

The most common reason this occurs is due to an incorrect re-taping procedure which affects how well the adhesive can bind to the hair extension piece. When hair extensions are retaped, the following things must happen: All glue residue must be fully and completely removed from each individual hair extension piece. The hair extensions must be thoroughly washed with a hair extensions safe shampoo to remove all removal solution residue before the new tape is applied. The hair extensions must be thoroughly dried and straightened before the new tape is applied. If the hair extensions are being refit the same day as the removal, the wearer must thoroughly wash their hair with a clarifying shampoo, and the hair must be fully dried and straightened before the hair extensions can be refitted.

Why are my tape hair extensions falling out?

If your tape hair extensions have been retaped, then if any of the above is not achieved during the re-taping process, this may cause your hair extensions to come out after they have been refitted. If you are confident that the hair extensions have been retaped correctly, then the most likely cause of the hair extensions coming loose is that the natural hair inside the tape is too thick, and is preventing each side of the tape securely sticking together. If this is the case, you will need to request that your hair extensions are removed and refitted with the correct amount of natural hair between each tape. The tape roll and tape tabs available to purchase in order to re-tape SimplyHair products is of the same quality as the tape attached when purchasing our tape hair extensions, therefore by following the correct re-taping procedure you should not encounter any problems. If you are encountering hair extension slippage following re-taping, please refer to our step by step guide for re-tapping hair extensions.


Common mistakes made when re-taping hair extensions the same day as a removal

In order to refit a set of tape hair extensions quickly, it is very common for many of these steps to be skipped in order to get the hair extension out and back in as quickly as possible. If any of the re-taping steps do not happen, the new tape cannot bind to the hair extension piece correctly, and therefore the hair extension will not last as long. We realise that this process is much more time consuming, and therefore do not recommend a full removal and refit on the same day, as to do this correctly takes time and patience. If you do choose to skip any of these steps, you should be prepared to refit the tapes much more frequently due to slippage. Click here for a step by step guide to refitting tape hair extensions.