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Why Are My New Tape Hair Extensions Slipping?

You have had a fresh set of tape hair extensions fitted, but you are finding that they are slipping and falling out. Assuming you aren't just having a bad dream, as this sounds like the stuff of nightmares, there are a few reasons which could explain why this is happening, and here we will go into some common reasons why tape hair extensions may slip.

This article covers tape hair extensions slipping when they are brand new. This means that they have not undergone a retapping process. If you have tape hair extensions that have already been worn but fitted with a new tape for a refit, please read our article on why re-taped hair extensions may slip, as some of the information will be different.

So, let's get into it…


Cause 1 - Too much hair fitted between the tapes

When fitting tape hair extensions, it's essential to ensure you are sectioning the right amount of hair each time. If you take a slice of hair that is too thick, this will mean that the tapes cannot entirely seal shut. The right amount of hair to section will be thick enough to support the tape hair extensions but still thin enough to slightly see-through. Being able to see through the section will mean that each side of the tape hair extensions will touch each other, creating a firm seal. Suppose there is too much hair between the tapes, the top piece of tape will attach itself to the top layer of your section, and the bottom tape will attach itself to the underneath of the section. This means there wont be a section attachment to keep the two sides sandwiched tightly together. When your client washes their hair, water will easily break down the adhesive, and before you know it, the tapes will begin to slip out.


Cause 2 - Too little hair sandwiched between the tapes

This is less common; however, tape hair extensions can slip if insufficient hair is sectioned inside the tape pieces. Fitting too little hair in each section can result in breakage and hair damage; it is crucial to ensure that you have enough hair to support the tape pieces and ensure the hair remains healthy whilst wearing the tape hair extensions. Taking a thin section will mean a lot of pleasure on the scalp and can result in the hair extensions slipping or breaking away.

Cause 3 - Your section is too wide

As well as making sure your section isn't too thick or thin, you will also need to make sure your section isn't too wide, as this can cause tape hair extensions not to seal shut properly, resulting in them slipping. When you take a section of hair, make sure the width of your section is shorter than the width of the tape pieces. There needs to be space on either end of the tape pieces so that the tapes can seal against each other for an excellent, watertight hold. If a wide section of hair goes right to the edges of your tape, there will be no room for the tapes to seal completely shut at the ends, meaning water will easily get inside your section, breaking down the adhesive and causing the hair extensions to slip. Taking a wide section will also be quite uncomfortable for your client, as the tapes aren't likely to sit flat against your head, so it is it essential to not only take the correct thickness of hair for each section as discussed earlier but also make sure it is the correct width.

Cause 4 - Fitting Tape Hair Extension To Damp Hair

As tape hair extensions are an adhesive based application technique, they must be fitted to dry hair to ensure the adhesive sticks correctly. If you have a client who has slightly damp roots, the adhesive will not seal correctly and is highly likely to damage the adhesive tape resulting in them slipping.

Cause 5 - Messy Sectioning

Creating messy sections is never a good idea for any hair extension fitting. However, fitting the hair extensions on wonky sections won't directly cause the hair extensions to slip. What will cause them to slip is your client-finding it difficult to look after her hair, because messy sectioning will make it much harder for your clients to tie their hair back without pulling on the bonds, brush their hair without catching on the bonds, or wash their hair effectively, removing all shampoo and conditioner residue. Over time, all of these things will cause the hair extensions to slip slowly and are far less likely to last as long as hair extensions that have been fitted on nice clean sections.


Cause 6 - Dirty/Greasy Hair

As tape hair extensions are an adhesive-based hair extension technique, the surface they are stuck to must be prepared correctly. Everyday shampoos and conditioners contain silicones, and non water-soluble silicones can build up over time on the hair, making it harder for adhesives to attach securely. To ensure the hair extensions have a nice clean canvas to stick to, you should be washing your client's hair with a cleansing shampoo before the fitting. This will clean the hair of any product build-up and provide you with clean hair for you to work with. It is best practice to either give your client a small bottle of cleansing shampoo at her consultation to use the night before the fitting, or for you to include a cleansing treatment within your hair extension pricing to ensure this is done correctly.