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Why Are My Hair Extension Bonds Splitting?

If you have had hair extensions fitted, one of the problems that can occur without the correct aftercare is bonds becoming soft, breaking down or splitting.

Although micro ring hair extensions, nano ring hair extensions and pre-bonded glue hair extensions are all fitted in different ways, they all have the same product securing the bond together, and this is called Keratin. Keratin is a strong glue-like substance that is used to secure the hair together into strands and is a fundamental part of the hair extension process.

This glue is then either shaped into a nail tip, ready to be heated and secured into a clients hair, shaped into a shoelace shape ready to be threaded inside a micro ring or tube, or it is shaped into a shoelace around a thin piece of acrylic, ready to be secured using a nano ring.

The keratin used for this process is very hard and strong, however, with incorrect aftercare, it can break down and begin to become soft, which is why it is super important to educate clients on how to care for their hair extension correctly.

What Can Cause Hair Extension Bonds To Split?

If your hair extension bonds are splitting, feeling soft, or breaking down, there are a number of potential causes for this.

  1. Hair extension bonds that have been left to air dry. Whilst air drying your hair can be good for your hair health as it means you are not exposing it to high heat, air drying your bonds can lead to them starting to soften from being left wet and damp for too long. Whilst keratin is very strong, if it is left damp, over time it can begin to weaken, therefore it is very important that if you do plan to air dry your hair extensions, you use a cool setting on your hairdryer to dry the bonds, and then let the lengths air dry.
  2. Incorrect aftercare. Hair extensions should only be washed with hair extension specific aftercare products, as these have been designed to be gentle on the bonds. If you are using shampoos not designed for hair extensions, this can cause the bonds to begin to break down and soften over time. Equally, conditioner should never be placed on the bonds, therefore doing this can also cause the bonds to weaken over time.
  3. Incorrect fitting. If you have nail tip, or micro loop hair extensions, not sealing the bond fully can allow water to get into the bond, and weaken it from the inside. This couple with leaving your hair extension to air dry can be detrimental to the strength of your bonds, so it is important to always ensure you hair extensions are fully sealed.
  4. Excessive heat. As a glue, if keratin is exposed to excessive heat, it will begin to melt, and the structure of the glue will change. If this happens multiple times, it will begin to affect the effectiveness of the glue, and weaken it over time.

If your hair extensions are showing signs of damage to the Keratin, it is essential that you review your aftercare routine, to make the relevant changes in order to prevent further damage and to ensure your hair extension last as long as possible. Always consult with your hairdresser for best practice aftercare advice, and ensure you have the correct aftercare products to use on your hair extensions on a daily basis.