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What Is A Nano Tip Hair Extension?

A firm favourite for many hair extension technicians and wearers is the Nano Ring Hair Extension. They’re considered within the industry to be 90% smaller than the traditional micro ring, making them comfortable to wear, especially for those clients who have fine hair, but also are less detectable. They are quick and easy to fit, and when done so correctly are not damaging to the natural hair, so it is easy to see why people love them so much. A Nano Tip Hair Extension is very similar to a traditional stick tip hair extension, however it has a small piece of wire or acrylic inserted into the tip of the extension in order to allow it to be fitted using a very small ring. SimplyHair stock acrylic tip nano ring hair extensions because they are considered the preferred choice amongst clients for being the most comfortable.


The Benefits Of Acrylic Nano Tip Hair Extensions

Nano tip hair extensions are available in 2 different forms, metal or acrylic, but as mentioned above, SimplyHair only stock acrylic nano tips. Why? Well, they have been proven to be more comfortable to wear due to their acrylic material, which is naturally more flexible than their metal counterparts. They are also great for those that have allergies to metals, because they are acrylic they shouldn’t cause an allergic reaction, which in many cases metal nano tips can. This is amazing news for those that haven’t been able to have hair extensions before due to their metal allergies.


How Are Nano Tip Hair Extensions Fitted?

By taking small individual portions of a client’s hair, nano tip hair extensions are then threaded through a nano ring which is placed and secured onto the clients natural hair by small pliers that clamp the hair extension into place. To fit a set of nano tipped hair extensions, you’ll require:

How Are Nano Tip Hair Extensions Removed?

Nano tip extensions really are easy to remove, but should only be removed by a fully trained and insured hair extension specialist. Preferably the person who originally fitted the extensions. As the hair extension is held in place using a nano ring, a pair of pliers is all you need to squeeze the ring open, to let the extensions slide free.


What Is The Difference Between A Micro Ring Hair Extension & A Nano Ring Hair Extension?

The difference between nano rings and micro rings is primarily the difference in their size. With regards to the fitting method, they’re both virtually the same in the technique used to fit the extension - just a nano ring is smaller than a micro ring. Due to the size difference, nano rings can only be used with nano tipped hair extensions, and micro rings can only be used on stick tip hair extensions. Sadly, you can’t use these rings interchangeably as they won’t fit. For more information about micro ring hair extensions then please take a look at our advice page on; What is a stick tip/I-tip/micro ring hair extension?

Do You Need To Be Qualified To Fit Nano Tip Hair Extensions?

Nano tip hair extensions are a professional hair extension method, so the answer is yes, most definitely. If you aren’t qualified to fit any sort of hair extension, then you really are putting your client at risk of damaging their hair and scalp, and even lead them to have bald patches or traction alopecia. Being a qualified hair extensions specialists means you can thoroughly assess your client’s hair before, during and after they’ve had extensions, to check that there is no damage occurring. You can work towards keeping your clients hair healthy, and most importantly provide crucial advice, such as if your client should take a break from having hair extensions.


Are Nano Tip Hair Extensions Comfortable?

If they’re acrylic and have been fitted correctly then they should be easy to wear and tend to be the most comfortable permanent hair extensions. A mixture of their minuscule size and flexibility allows for your clients own natural hair and extensions to sit comfortably together. Do keep in mind however, that this factor does vary for each individual. If your client hasn’t had hair extensions before, then it’s perfectly normal for them to feel odd for the first few days while they adjust to them, even if your client has had them before they too may need to adjust to having fresh hair extensions applied. If however your client is finding their extensions are still feeling uncomfortable after a week or so, then they should book in to see you again so you can talk about it, and take appropriate action, such as loosening them. We have a great handy guide on why new hair extensions hurt which is something we’d recommend for your client to have a read if they are experiencing this.


Will You Be Able To See My Nano Tip Hair Extensions?

When fitted correctly, nano tip hair extensions shouldn’t be visible. If they’re visible when first applied then you’ll need to sort this out before your client leaves, so they can be happy to show off their new locks without a worry. If after a while your clients hair extensions start to become visible, then they should book in with you as soon as possible rather than waiting for their next maintenance appointment, so the issue can be resolved.