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What Are U-Tip/Nail Tip/Pre Bonded Hair Extensions?

When considering what type of hair extensions you are going to have fitted, one hurdle that many find they come up against is all of the industry terminology that can be confusing and make looking for the right hair extension method a difficult process. Here we shall take a look at the terms utip/nail tip/pre bonded hair extensions to help understand in greater detail what this means, to make choosing your hair extensions a much easier task.


What Does U-Tip/Nail Tip/Pre Bonded Hair Extension Mean?

A utip/nail tip/pre bonded hair extension is a type of hair extension that is applied to the hair by heating up the keratin tip that is found at the end of the extension, to attach it to your natural hair. Using keratin as a form of hair extension application has been around for many years, and is a very popular method of fitting.


Are U-Tip/Nail Tip/Pre Bonded Hair Extensions Different Things?

The terms u-tip/nail tip/pre bonded hair extension are often used to describe the same thing, which can often be quite confusing. In regards to the term utip and nail tip, this does in fact refer to the same thing, and is simply a way of describing the shape of the keratin at the end of each strand. The keratin is shaped in a “u” or “nail” type shape to make it quick and easy to melt against the hair to form a tight sealed bond. This type of fitting can sometimes also be referred to as “flat tip” or “v tip”, which again is the exact same type of fitting, yet as the names suggest is simply a different shaped tip. The only exception to this rule from the terminology listed above is “pre bonded”.


What Does Pre Bonded Mean?

The term prebonded is often used to describe a nail/u tip type fitting, and is heavily associated with this form of hair extension. What can lead to confusion however is that the term prebonded actually refers to each strand having been created individually, rather than being sold as loose hair, and technically the term pre bonded could be used to not only describe utip/nail tip/pre bonded hair extensions, but also stick tip hair extensions and nano tip hair extensions, as these are also “prebonded” instead of being sold as loose hair. It is for this reason that if a client asks you for “pre bonded” hair extensions, it is important that you ensure you clarify the exact type of hair extensions your client is referring to, as although 90% of the time you will find your client is referring to utip/nail tip/pre bonded hair extensions, on the odd occasion they may actually be describing another method.


Why Is The Term “Pre Bonded” Mainly Used To Describe U- Tip/Nail Tip/Pre Bonded Hair Extensions?

The reason for this is pretty simply. As keratin based hair extensions are one of the oldest methods of hair extension application, it was the first to have a redesign and have a prebonded tip instead of being sold as loose hair with a glue gun, therefore it has simply been around longer and has more association with the term “prebonded”. Secondary methods such as stick tip and nano tip were created some years later to offer a no heat application method.


How Are U-Tip/Nail Tip Hair Extensions Fitted?

Utip/nail tip hair extensions are fitted using a heat connector to melt the keratin tip against small sections of natural hair. The melted keratin is then rolled around the natural hair tightly so that it forms a fully sealed bond. Keratin heats and cools very quickly, allowing for easy application. To fit a set of utip/nail tip hair extensions you will require: Utip/nail tip hair extensions Comb Sectioning clips Scalp protector Small Sectioning Clips


Do You Need To Be Qualified To Fit U-Tip/Nail Tip Hair Extensions?

To fit any form of hair extension you should be professionally trained to ensure the bonds are fitted correctly and safely. Attempting to fit hair extensions without the relevant qualifications could lead to an improper fitting which may cause damage to a client’s hair.


How Are U-Tip/Nail Tip Hair Extensions Removed?

Depending on the type of keratin used, the bond will need to be broken down so that it can safely be removed from the client hair. When using an Italian keratin you will require an alcohol based solution, and when using a Chinese keratin you will require an acetone based solution. SimplyHair prebonded hair extensions use a strong and secure Italian keratin, and will therefore require an alcohol based solution which can be purchase on our website.


Are U-Tip/Nail Tip Hair Extensions Comfortable?

When fitted correctly, Utip/nail tip should be very comfortable to wear. As with all hair extension methods, a settling period is usually required for the first few days whilst your scalp adjusts to the hair extensions, which can result in tenderness and mild itching, however this should subside within a day or so, and is only likely to affect those with a sensitive scalp. To find out more about why hair extensions might itch for the first few days or be uncomfortable, please see the link.


Are U-Tip Hair Extensions Easy To Hide?

As long as you have had your hair extensions fitted by a trained professional, once fitted you should not be able to see the bonds at all. Hair extensions should be placed just far enough away from the natural hair line to allow you to cover the bonds with your natural hair, allowing you to tie your hair back as you normally would without the risk of the bonds being seen. If hair extensions are fitted too close to the hair line they may become visible, which is why it is important to have your hair extensions fitted by a trained professional to ensure this is done correctly. If you are concerned that you can see your hair extension bonds, simply pay a visit to your hair extension technician who should be happy to remove or adjust those that are visible. To read more about other types of hair extensions available, please visit our advice page.