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Wedding Updo with Client's Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions are designed to last around three months before they have grown down enough to need removing, retaping and refitting. The recommended life span of our hair is 3-5 months however, with the correct aftercare, our hair can last much longer than this, and here we have the perfect example of hair that has been looked after very well and is being refitted after already having been worn for six months.

The hair has been retaped so it is ready to be reapplied, and if you want to learn how to retape hair extensions, click here.

Our client's wedding hair will be pulled back; we are opting to put fewer hair extensions at the front in preparation for her wedding hair. She will return after the wedding to have a few hair extensions applied at the front.

Step 1:  Prep your hair extensions to ensure they have been given an excellent conditioning treatment and are ready to go back into the hair.


Step 2:  As the hair extensions are fitted to work with a wedding style, ask to see the look your client will have on her big day so you know how much hair should be left hair extension free.

Step 3:  Section away the hair that will not have hair extensions applied. We need to isolate the areas that will be safe for the hair extension application in line with the wedding look. Therefore, the sectioning will look different from typical hair extension fitting.

We opted to isolate the middle section of the head where we could apply the bulk of the hair extensions for length and volume, and therefore apply for the hair extensions at the bottom, working our way across the width of the head and avoiding the no go zones that would be needed for the wedding look. For more information on how to apply tape hair extensions click here.


Step 4:  Our finished look will be a little different to normal, as the hair will be noticeably finer and shorter at the front, but it is now ready and prepped for her wedding hair, and we will look to fill in the missing sections after her big day!