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Website VS Facebook For Your Hair Extension Business

Where you advertise your business will have a big impact on how busy you are and how quickly your business grows. There are a number of options available including your own personal website, Facebook pages, twitter, gumtree, and a variety of other options, however here we will be focusing on the 2 main types of advertising platforms - a website and a Facebook page.

Pro And Cons Of Setting Up A Facebook Page Or Websites For Your Hair Extension Business

There are of course pros and cons for both options, therefore here we shall go through each to help you to decide which is the most suitable option for you and your business.

Benefits Of A Website For Your Hair Extension Business

These days, pretty much every business has some kind of company website. They are a fantastic way of getting your message across to your customer as through your website you will be able to establish a company image, branding, a logo, and a look that you feel reflects you and your business. You will also be able to put lots of information on your website for your customer to read including pricing, information about you, the methods of hair extensions you use, and an online gallery of your previous work, which will help your customer decide to choose you as their hair extension fitter. Your website will act as a form of contact for your customers so that they can contact you to ask questions, book in for an appointment, or save your details to return back to at a later date.

Drawbacks Of A Website For Your Hair Extension Business

Unless you opt for a free website, customised websites can be quite expensive, and can take some time to set up. There are some great free websites available for you to build yourself, however if you do not have any experience with this you may not be able to achieve the look you are after, and because you will be working off a template it is quite likely that you may come across competitors with similar websites to you. You will also need to look into management costs, as if your website stops working for some reason you will need to know and who to contact who can fix it for you, and this can cost you time and money.

Benefits Of A Facebook Page For Your Hair Extension Business

There are lots of pros to setting up a Facebook page as the process is so quick and easy. Within a matter of minutes and at no cost you can set yourself up with a Facebook business page to advertise your services. Be sure to set up an official business page, instead of a profile, as Facebook is in the process of removing business profiles and you would not want to lose all of your hard work. With your Facebook business page, just like with a website you can design a company logo for the profile image, and create a brand image for your business. You can list all of your details in your “about us” section including prices, contact information and details on your services. You can also upload an album of your previous work to act as an online portfolio. Facebook is an excellent way to advertise as people who like your page can share your content with their friends, spreading details of you and your business easily to help to gain more customers. By using the Facebook inbox system, new customers will also be able to directly message you online for further information, or to arrange an appointment, which is a quick and easy method of contact.

Drawbacks Of A Facebook Page For Your Hair Extension Business

As Facebook is free and easy to set up, there are not many drawbacks to a Facebook business page. However, you will have to remember that by choosing this option without a website, you may risk losing out on potential customers as not everyone will have Facebook themselves; fortunately the majority of your target market - women between the ages of 18-30 - do use Facebook, and so this shouldn't affect your business in a dramatic way.

Other Social Media Options For Your Hair Extension Business

As well as Facebook, there are also a number of other social media options to explore including Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. All of these platforms can prove to be invaluable to you and your business and are well worth taking a look at, and setting your business up with its own page and/or profile. 

Website Or Social Media - Which Is Best For Your Hair Extension Business?

As outlined above, both a website and Facebook page come with their benefits and draw backs, and in an ideal world your business would have both to cover all bases. However if you are just setting up your business Facebook is a great place to start, especially if you are on a budget as it is an excellent way of advertising your business and pulling in new customers on a regular basis. Pages are very quick and easy to set up, you will simply need to log into your personal account, and then click on pages at the left of the screen, clicking the “more” button. For more information on setting up your Facebook business page, click the link.

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