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Top Tips For Keeping Your Hair Extensions In Perfect Condition

When it comes to looking after your hair extensions, the length of time they will last largely depends on how well you look after the hair. Of course the quality of the hair will have some part to play in the longevity of your hair extensions, which is why SimplyHair only stock the highest quality human hair, however your aftercare routine will play a fundamental role right from the day your hair extensions are fitted, so it is important to get it right. Here we shall go through our top 6 tips for making sure your hair extensions last as long as possible.


What Shampoo & Conditioner Should I Use On My Hair Extensions?

It seems like the most simple and obvious part of your aftercare routine, but using the correct products can have a real impact of the quality of your hair extensions, so choosing a product that is compatible is key. Contrary to popular believe, shampoos and conditioners can have a significant impact on the condition of your hair extensions, so it is always advisable to use aftercare products which have been specifically produced for use with hair extensions. At SimplyHair we stock a high quality shampoo and conditioner set, tried and tested with hair extensions. Suitable for all types of hair extensions, from micro ring to weft, nail tip to clip ins, our hair extension shampoo and conditioner will leave your hair extensions feeling silky soft, without damaging your hair extension bonds.

Hair Oils For Hair Extensions

As well as using the correct shampoo and conditioner, it is super important to ensure your hair extensions are as nourished as possible, and you can achieve this through the use of a hair oil. It is very important to ensure you are using the correct type of oil, as many brands contain hidden silicones and colourings which can damage your hair extensions. Opting for an all natural oil is key to ensuring that the product is suitable for hair extensions, and will nourish the hair correctly. We love and would recommend HairExtensionsBff, which is an all natural, silicone free treatment designed to moisturise and restore tired hair extensions. Using a treatment such as this regularly can really help to increase the longevity of your hair extensions.


Hair Extensions Should Be Washed In A Clean Water Source

Clean water? Of course my water is clean! Or is it? Many hair extension wearers do not realise that much of the UK and USA is considered a hard water area, which means although our water may appear clean, it is full of metals and minerals which cause hair to dry, break, and become discoloured. The best way to protect your hair against "bad water", is to install a water softening system in your home, however this can be quite pricey. Fortunately, we have a much more affordable solution that you can start using straight away. One of the most effective solutions found to date is the use of Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Remedy, which helps to repair hair that has been discoloured, or become dry because of hard water. >Want to learn more about the affects of hard water on your hair extensions? Check out our advice here.


Ensure Your Hair Extensions Are Cared For Correctly When Sleeping

When it comes to sleeping with your hair extensions, your hair extensions must be secured with an appropriate hair extension bobble. They must always be dry, and should never, ever be slept on wet. Hair extensions can become tangled if they are left unsecured, or if they are damp/wet therefore you must tie your dry hair extensions in a plait or a loose ponytail when sleeping, and ensure they have been brushed thoroughly and are tangle free. For advice on how to dry your hair extensions, or how to wear your hair extensions at night, click the links

Hair Extensions Must Be Brushed & Bonds Separated Daily

It is one of the simplest tasks you will perform when wearing your hair extensions, however it is the most commonly made after care mistake for those new to hair extensions. Brushing your hair extensions with a hair extension hair brush thoroughly, especially before you sleep, and separating your hair extension bonds, prevents your hair extensions matting from the root, a very common issue that occurs amongst hair extension wearers. It is really simple to do, and is essentially the process of running your fingers across your scalp once your hair is thoroughly brushed, to ensure all of your bonds are sitting separately, and have not tangled together. For more information on how and why to separate your hair extension bonds, and how to brush your hair extensions, please click the link.

Hair Extension Maintenance

Our final top tip for caring for your hair extensions is staying on top of your maintenance appointments. Maintenance appointments should take place every 4-6 weeks, and are there to ensure that your hair extensions are in a good condition not just in the way they feel, but right at the roots where you are not able to see. By having regular maintenance appointments you are ensuring that no damage will be caused to your natural hair, and that you get the longest amount of time out of your hair extensions. As hair extensions are usually removed based on an hourly fee, if you have looked after your bonds not only will your natural hair have remained in the same condition, but you will be saving yourself money by having a quick and easy removal session. Those that fail to maintain their hair extensions might find removal to be a very long and uncomfortable process, so it is in your interest to ensure they are looked after correctly throughout the entire time you have them in. To read more about the importance of hair extension maintenance appointments, click the link.

Be The Perfect Hair Extension Client

Of course there are lots of other aspects of aftercare to take into consideration when wearing hair extensions, and you can find lots of information on this topic in our “Caring for your hair extensions” articles, but if you are new to hair extension and are finding it hard to take all of the information in at once, starting with these top 6 tips will set you up for a smooth ride with your new long locks, and your hair extension technician will be very happy with you once she/he sees how beautifully you have cared for your new hair.