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Sleeping With Your Hair Extensions Wet - Why It Is Not Worth The Risk

Once your hair extensions have been fitted, how you look after them and how closely you follow your aftercare routine will have a dramatic impact on how long your hair extensions last. By following the recommended aftercare routine either provided via our website or the expertise of the individual fitting the hair extensions for you, your new locks should last you a long time, remaining silky soft, untangled and easy to manage. Unfortunately however, due to lack of time or lack of commitment, hair extensions can deteriorate due to a failure to care for them correctly, resulting in unwanted problems. In this article we shall look at one of the number 1 maintenance problems for hair extensions wearers, sleeping with your hair wet.

Why Can I Not Sleep With Wet Hair When I Have Hair Extensions?

There are a number of reasons why you should not sleep with your hair wet when wearing hair extensions, including tangling/matting and brushing difficulties. Not only this, but your hair is also at its weakest when it is wet, adding yet another reason why sleeping with wet hair extensions is not the best of ideas. So lets look at the issues caused by sleeping with wet hair extensions in more detail...

Sleeping With Wet Hair Extensions Can Cause Tangling And Matting

If you go to bed with your hair extensions wet or even slightly damp, 9/10 times you are likely to wake up in the morning with very messy and untidy hair extensions. This is a big problem, as not only will it look messy on the surface, but your hair extensions are also likely to be untidy at the root. This is one of the biggest problems for hair extension wearers, as when sleeping with your hair wet or damp the roots can become intertwined, causing matting. Once this has happened, you will not be able to separate the bonds and will need immediate maintenance to have this problem corrected. For information on separating your bonds please click the link.

Why Does Sleeping With Wet Hair Extensions Make Brushing Difficult?

When sleeping with your hair extensions wet or damp, not only will your hair extensions be messy, but they will also be much harder to brush than usual, as they have gone a long period of time between your last brush (make sure you always use a hair extension brush). As a result this will mean that you will need to be firmer than usual to de-tangle your hair, which puts unwanted pressure on your bonds, potentially causing them to slip or come out all together. You must be incredibly gentle when brushing your hair extensions if this has occurred, and we would recommend booking in for a maintenance appointment asap to tighten any bonds that you may have loosened during the process.

Can I Sleep With Damp Hair Extensions?

Your hair extensions do not have to be dripping wet to cause these types of problems, and in fact damp hair can be just as problematic in causing these kind of issues. If you are washing your hair before bed, you must take the time to ensure that it is completely dry before laying down for the night. If you do not think you will have time to wash and dry your hair extensions before you fall asleep, leave it until another day. Slightly greasy hair is a much better option than potentially tangled hair extensions.

How Should I Wear My Hair Extensions At Night

If you are unsure as to how to wear your hair extensions at night, please click the link to read our article.

Maintenance Appointments For Hair Extensions

Hopefully by reading this article you now have a better understanding of why sleeping with dry hair extensions is so important, however if the above has already occurred, your first course of action is to contact the individual who fit your hair extensions and get booked in for a maintenance appointment as soon as possible. Read more about why hair extension maintenance appointments are so important.