Single Dutch Festival Braid

Looking to create a simple bright festival look, a single dutch braid with added jumbo braiding hair is a really quick and easy style that still makes a statement.
Follow these steps to recreate the Molly festival look:
Step 1: Brush through your client's hair to remove tangles, and use a gel to smooth any flyaways around the hair line.
Step 2:  Prep your jumbo braid hair. You will need to divide your braid into four pieces, the first piece being the smallest and getting progressively more prominent. Secure a bobby pin in the centre of each section of braiding hair and place it within arms reach.
Step 3:  Gather a section at the front of your client's head and begin a traditional dutch braid for two complete transitions.
Step 4:  Take your first dutch braid piece and insert the bobby pin at the base of the braid so that it extends all the way through and pokes out the other side. For added security, if you are new to this type of braiding, ask your client to hold onto the bobby pin for added stability.
Step 5: Add each side of the jumbo braid to the two outer pieces of your braid, and then continue braiding as normal.
Step 6:  After another 2-3 full transitions, repeat this process, inserting another piece of jumbo braid.
Step 7:  Repeat this down the head until you have added all of your jumbo braid pieces, and secure at the base with a clear elastic.
Step 8:  Go back through your braid, removing any visible bobby pins.
Step 9:  Trim the base of the jumbo braid, so it is neat and even.
Step 10:  Apply hairspray and gel to smooth any flyaways, and your look is complete!