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Why You Need A Removal Form For Your Hair Extension Business

How many times have you been contacted by one of your clients to have their hair extensions removed, only to find that they have not looked after them correctly and as a result some of the hair extensions have tangled? Depending on how long you have been working in the industry, we expected this to have been quite a lot. Unfortunately, tangled hair extensions are a part of our work, and therefore performing a professional removal service is important for both you and your client.

Should I Remove Hair Extensions I Didn't Fit?

As well as existing clients, you may also find that you are contacted by individuals who would like their hair extensions removed, but these were not fitted by you, and many are unsure as to whether this is a service they should offer. The fact of the matter is that there is a reason why this individual is coming to you instead of the individual who fit the hair extensions in the first place. They may have been unable to get hold of this person, relocated, or simply do not trust the original fitter. Whatever the reason, someone is reaching out and asking for your help.

Many hair extension technicians are against removing someone else work, mainly due to the fear that they will be blamed if something were to go wrong, or if the hair was damaged during the time the hair extensions were in.

These are of course legitimate concerns, however with the right approach not only can you feel confident in removing another technicians work, but you can also help to do the right thing for someone who might have to result in taking the hair extensions out herself if no professional is willing to do it for her.

Complete A Hair Extension Removal Form First

In order to conduct a professional removal service for either an existing client of yours, or a new client, it is imperative that you complete a removal form. This will help you and your client understand the process before you begin, as well as any potential risks so that the client is fully informed.

Hair extensions that have been fit incorrectly, or not cared for correctly can be challenging to remove, and in some cases this can result in hair breakage. A removal form helps you to identify the areas of concern, how much of the hair is tangled, whether the client kept up to date with their maintenance appointment, so that in the event that the removal does reveal damage underneath, you have a record that this would have been caused before the removal process, rather than during.

Hair Extension Removal Forms

Our hair extensions forms are sold in packs of 10 for £4.99, and come with a handy tear away strip so that both you and your client have a record of the details. Shop removal forms here.