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Re-Tipping Stick Tip Hair Extensions

A good skill to learn as a hair extension fitter, or as a regular user of hair extensions, is how to re-tip prebonded hair extensions so that they can be used for multiple fittings of hair extensions. When hair extensions are looked after correctly by following all of the recommended advice provided by the supplier, hair extensions can last a number of months, sometimes years. Our hair extensions are designed to last at least 3-5 months, however with the correct care and extra TLC, wearers have been known to keep their hair extensions for up to 6-9 months, making it well worth the extra effort. It is at this point that is becomes very helpful to understand how to re-tip hair extensions, as this will allow you to remove your hair extensions at 4 months, re-tip the ends and have them refitted, saving you money as you a recycling the hair for a second time round. Here we shall focus on stick tip hair extensions, and how to re-tip the bonds.

Why do we need to re-tip hair extensions?

When hair extensions are worn for long periods of time, the bond will eventually begin to break down and become softer than it was originally. This is to be expected due to the fact that the hair extensions will regularly become wet through washing and styling, and over the course of 4 months this will weaken the bond. This will be even more apparent if the bond has been cut before the extensions were fitted. It is not recommended to cut the bonds, as this allows more water to enter as the seal has been broken, causing the bonds to soften more rapidly.

Benefits of re-tipping hair extensions

The main benefit of re-tipping hair extensions is that it is a cost effective way of making the most of your hair extensions. As you are wearing them over a 3-5 month period they will slowly grow down until 4 months has passed and they are ready to be removed. If however, the hair is still in good condition, you can reuse the hair for a second time round, however you will not be able to fit again with the existing bond as it will not hold as well as it would have the first time round. By re-tipping the hair extensions you are starting a fresh with a new solid tip, that can be fitted and will stay in place for a number of extra months until you decide to change the hair for a brand new set.

So what will you need?

There are a number of different items you will need to re-tip hair extensions, these are: Original hair extensions with rings and stray hairs removed 1 x Fusion Connector Wand 1 x Keratin Glue Beads 1 x Hair Scissors 1 x Heat Matt Finger protectors

How to re-tip hair extensions

  1. To start, you will need to ensure that all of your hair extensions are neat and tidy, with any original micro rings/tubes etc removed. The hair extensions should be cleaned using your hair extension shampoo and conditioner, straightened, and brushed thoroughly.
  2. Now that you have your hair extensions in a nice neat condition, you will need to set yourself up a work station, as you are likely to be sitting here for the next few hours. Set up somewhere comfortable where you can work undisturbed, and where it is ok to make a little bit of a mess for a few hours.
  3. You will need to be sitting at a table, near a plug so that you can plug in your fusion connector wand. It would be a good idea to plug this in using a surge protected extension lead.
  4. Place the fusion connector wand on your heat matt to protect it, and cover the rest of the table in a table cloth or similar item that is ok to get a little dirty.
  5. Now that your heat connector is plugged in, you will want to position it in a similar way to the picture on the right, so that the keratin bead can be placed on one of the plates allowing it to slowly melt.
  6. Whilst your keratin bead is melting you can prep your first piece of hair. Take your first strand and using your hair scissors snip off the old bond, leaving you with the loose hair. Try to trim as close to the bond as possible so that you do not lose too much length from the hair extensions.
  7. At this point you will need to be wearing your finger protectors as when the extension is placed in the keratin is can be very hot, so this will protect yourself from any burns.
  8. Now that you first keratin bead is fully melted place the end of the extension inside the heat connect, so that around 1cm is placed in the glue. Slowly close the wand, and pull the hair extension out of the heat connector, squeezing away the excess glue. Turn the extension 90 degrees and repeat the process, fully covering the end of the extension and squeezing away excess glue.
  9. By turning the extensions this will ensure that every hair is covered in keratin, and will stop the hair extensions from shedding.
  10. Once the hair extension is completely covered, you will need to roll the end to form the stick tip shape, and this is achieved by rolling the extension between your finger and thumb.
  11. Now that you have achieved the stick tip, you will need to trim the end so that it is neat and tidy. Then you will need to seal the end, by dipping the very tip of your newly formed stick tip in the keratin remaining on the heat connector. You will only need a tiny amount for this.
  12. Now you have completed your first hair extensions you can move onto the next, slowly working your way through until you have re-tipped every extension.
  13. You will not need to use a new piece of keratin for every hair extensions you do, as the left over from a previous extension may be enough, and too much keratin can be messy, so monitor the amount of keratin to judge if you need another bead. Usually 1 bead will be enough to do 2 hair extensions.
  14. Once you have completed each extension, you should have a micro ring/tube handy to check that the stick tip fits inside with enough space for the natural hair. If the stick tip is too large you will simply need to remelt the bond, squeezing away more excess keratin, and then re rolling until the extension fits.
  15. As you will be using heated tools for this process, you must always be extra careful to ensure you do not burn yourself, or any of your surrounding area in the process. The advice above is for guidance only, and you should exercise your own common sense throughout the process to ensure your own safety, and the safety of those around you.