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Re-taping Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions are a revolutionary addition to the hair extension market in terms of how quickly and easily a full head can be fitted, in comparison to more traditional methods such as stick tip, nano tip and weft hair extensions.

There are a huge range of benefits associated with opting for tape hair extensions as a hair extension technician, however one of the most exciting advantages is the ease of reusing the product after the initial first fitting.

So how do you re-tape a set of tape hair extensions? Here we talk you through the process.


Once you have removed the tape hair extensions using an acetone based removal solution, it is incredibly important that you prepare the hair extensions correctly for re-taping. You should not re-tape the hair extensions until the below steps have been taken, otherwise the hair extensions will not be as long lastly the second/third time around.


Although the tape has been removed from the wearers natural hair, this does not mean that all of the original tape has been removed from the hair extension piece. Often, there is a significant amount of tape still attached to each piece which must be removed.

Using acetone, spray the piece of tape on the sticky side, and use your fingers to massage in. Using your fingernails or a set of tweezers, gently peel away the remainder of the tape attached to the hair extension. This may only be a little, or may be almost a full piece of tape depending on how much came away when removing from the wearers hair.


Once the remainder of the tape has been removed from each piece, the hair extensions must be thoroughly washed using hair extensions suitable shampoo. This is in order to remove the acetone that was put onto the extensions to remove the tape. Even if the acetone has dried, if it is sitting on the hair extensions then the new tape will not attach properly, therefore this part of the process is extremely important.


Once the hair extensions have been washed, they must be thoroughly dried and straightened before you begin the retaping process.


Now that the hair extensions have been prepared, you can begin the retaping process.


Take 1 piece of your hair extensions and lay flat on a clean surface.


Peel away one piece of tape from the tape tab sheet, or cut a piece of tape from your tape roll to the exact width of the hair extension piece.

Step 3:

Carefully place the new tape piece directly where the original tape was applied. Leaving the reverse sticker still in place.


Your hair extensions are now retaped and ready to be used. You can leave the sticker in place to protect the glue until you are ready to fit your clients new hair extensions.

Please note that if you plan to refit the tape hair extensions into your clients hair on the same day as the removal, your client will need to fully wash their hair with a clarifying shampoo in order to remove all of the removal solution residue from their hair. If you do not wash the clients hair after removal, the tape hair extensions will not be fitted securely.