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Professional Split Dye Hair Tutorial

Split colour hair has been a popular trend for 2021, and creating this look can be hard work, but the results are so stunning it is totally worth the effort.

Splitting the Hair Ready for Dye

Before beginning, it is important to establish with your client where their parting falls, as once the split colour is in place, it will be essential that the parting does not move, so don't rush this process. Once you have selected the parting placement, you can split the hair right through the back, making sure you move as many of the hairs out of the way as possible to create a beautiful clean working area.

Bleaching The Hair in A Split Dye

Once you have sectioned your hair in half and are happy with the placement, you can begin the lighting process. To achieve an all-over even colour, we will be using a platinum card method, to ensure full and absolute coverage and saturation of the hair. We will be using 6%/20 vol peroxide, 30g powder and Olaplex for our formula, and working through the hair slice by slice. Fully saturate each section, ensuring the product is all the way through each section, however leave the roots for now, we will return to these later.


Checking The Development

As you work your way up the head, be sure to keep an eye on the hair already developing, to see how it is lifting. In our client's case, it was lifting faster than expected, therefore we sectioned the hair out of the way so that we could go back and work on the roots of the hair that was already developing. The roots are left like this as the heat from the scalp cause the roots to lift faster, therefore they are done separately in order to slow down the process and ensure an even lift through each section. After applying to the root, remove the section from its foil, as this will further slow down the processing time.

Continue with bleaching the lengths and working your way up the hair, continually checking the foils already developing and reverting back to bleaching the roots and removing the foils where necessary.

Removing and Re Applying The Bleach

Once a full section is complete, remove any excess bleach from the hair by hand, and then rinse the section clean of bleach. Whilst the section is wet, apply more bleach to the section for a bleach bath, to further lift the colour and then rinse again.

Dry the front section of the hair if it has become damp whilst rinsing the first section, and once dry you can begin the process again to bleach the front section.

Once all of the hair has been bleached, it's time to move on to the colour!

Applying the Colour

Section the hair, ensuring this is done perfectly so that you are only applying your colour to the bleached section. We are using MyIdentity in Lightning Bolt and we are starting at the roots. Work your way through the hair, applying the colour throughout the roots of the hair. To prevent transfer, place a towel or some foil on top of the uncoloured section. As our client has very dark hair, we do not need to worry about colour transfer, however, for clients with lighter hair, this will be essential. Once the roots are fully covered, you can move onto the ends, ensuring the hair is fully saturated with colour. Leave to develop for 20 minutes before rinsing with cool water to help lock in the colour.

Now you are ready to style your beautiful split colour creation!