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Preparing Your Client For A Hair Extension Fitting

It is very important that before a hair extension fitting takes place you fully prepare your client for the process, as there are a number of different elements that will need to be considered by both parties to ensure the fitting goes without any hiccups. Here we shall look at a few different factors you may not have taken into consideration which can make all the difference to a successful hair extension fitting.

The Client’s Hair Correctly Ahead Of A Hair Extension Fitting

Before the client can have hair extensions fitted she will need to prepare her hair in a particular way so that the hair extensions can be fitted properly, and so that her hair is in a condition that is easy and pleasant to work with.

Using A Clarifying Shampoo Before Fitting Hair Extensions

Your client will need to wash her hair using a clarifying shampoo just before the fitting takes place; no other conditioner or styling products should be used. The purpose of using a clarifying shampoo is to remove any product build up that is lingering on the hair and may affect the integrity of the bond or cause slippage after installation. Your client may not be keen on this idea as most of us use conditioners as part of their daily routine, however this is a very important part of the fitting preparation and should be raised as a priority for your client. If you client does not have a clarifying shampoo, simply ask that she refrains from using conditioner.

A Hair Extension Clients Hair Should Be Dry, Clean and Manageable

You should ask that when you arrive for your client's fitting that their hair be in a dry, clean, and manageable condition. Without asking for this specifically you would be surprised by the number of times you arrive at a client’s home to find they have wet hair, which will delay you being able to fit the hair extensions straight away. By stating this as a requirement you will reduce the chances of this happening. Where possible you should also ask that your client straightens their hair, unless it is naturally straight. Straight hair is far easier to work with than curly or wavy fly away hair, and will make your task of fitting the extensions significantly easier.

Your Client Will Need Appropriate Seating For The Duration Of The Hair Extension Fitting

You will need your client to be seated on a chair that does not have a high back, and is a good height off the ground so that you will not be bent over uncomfortably when fitting the hair extensions. You can of course consider purchasing a mobile chair for your clients to sit on, however it may be easier to ask that your client provides this for the day. The majority of clients will have a kitchen stool or dining room chair that is appropriate, however by raising this with them ahead of schedule you will know if you need to provide a chair yourself, rather than being faced with having to perform the entire fitting crouched over.

To Fit Hair Extensions You Need Good Lighting

Due to the intricacy of fitting hair extensions, you will need to have a suitable amount of light to comfortably see what you are doing. If you are fitting the extensions during the day then placing the seat by a window will be sufficient, however if the house you have visited is particularly poor in terms of natural light, or the fitting is taking place in the evening, you will need to ensure that your client finds a suitable room with sufficient lighting for you to work in.

For Pre Bonded Hair Extension Fittings You Will Need Access To A Plug

If you are fitting prebonded glue extensions that require a heat connector, your client will need to be seated near an electrical point for you to be able to plug your equipment into. You will also require an electrical point to use your hair straighteners and curling tongs, therefore no matter what the fitting method this is a must. We would recommend including a surge protected extension lead in your hair extension kit in the event that a plug is hard to come by.

Calm Environments Are Best For A Successful Hair Extension Fitting

This is a personal choice, however we would recommend advising your client that your will need a calm and relaxed room to work in, as this is a process which requires concentration and minimal distraction. The reason we would suggest requesting this is because, as many experienced hair extension technicians will tell you, clients will from time to time invite a few friends around whilst they are having their hair extensions fitted, or place you in a room with heavy traffic in terms of children and family and so on, which means that you are shuffled around the entire time you are there. This is not fair on you, therefore an appropriate environment should be provided for you to work effectively in. Do not be afraid to raise this point with your client even if they do place you in a room like this as it is not reasonable for you to work under these conditions.

How Long Does A Hair Extension Fitting Take

You should also prepare the client not only for the time of their appointment, but the estimated duration of the appointment. Depending on your experience, fitting times between technicians can vary greatly, however assuming a fitting usually takes you 3 hours, we would recommend you advising your client that they will need to be available for 4 hours from the time the fitting is booked in. This will prevent you having to rush if your client advises you that they need to pick their children up from school in 2 hours, and eliminates the chance of you being late for another appointment scheduled for later in the day.

Hair Extension Aftercare Products

Whilst you will be providing detailed after care after the fitting, there are a few elements that are worth discussion before the fitting takes place. This would include discussing whether your client has a hair extensions hair brush, aftercare products they will need to purchase, and suitable accessories such as hair bands etc. It is of course inevitable that not all clients will follow this advice to the letter, and the odd client will ignore it all together, however by providing this information you can be sure that you have done all you can to accommodate your client and to ensure that the fitting goes as smoothly as possible. Preparing your client in this way makes it clear to both of you what your expectations and responsibilities are, creating a much more relaxed and friendly atmosphere from the start.

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