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Mixed Blends - Difference Between Soft Blends and Contrast Blends

One of our favourite collection of colours at SimplyHair is our mixed range. This has been created by our team in order to offer the best options for colour matching clients with a range of tones in their hair, and we are proud to be the pioneers of this type of colour, being the first to introduce it as a standard option.

What makes our mixed colours so special?

A few years back, the only mixed colours available were known as "piano blends", and were typically contrasting colours such as light blonde and dark brown, in a stripy mix. SimplyHair were the first to introduce soft blends, by taking similar colours and mixing those together in order to offer range with a beautiful mix of tones and dimension. Created and designed to make matching your clients simpler than ever, our mixed blends help you to focus on creating truly natural finishes for even your most challenging colour matches. We offer a range of 12 mixed shades on our standard colour ring, and are super proud that our colours have now been replicated throughout the hair extension industry as standard.

What is a soft blend?

A soft blend refers to the pairing of 2 very similar colours, to create a multi-dimensional new shade. How often have you found yourself matching a client’s hair who isn’t quite dark enough for #2, but #4 is too light? Or stuck between whether to go for more #18 to accentuate the ashy tones, or a #613 to match the lightest tones? Our soft blends aim to put an end to these challenges, by creating fully mixed duel colours.

What is a contrast blend?

A contrast blend is the complete opposite to a soft blend, in that it is the combination of 2 more distant shades, to create a natural highlighted effect. Contrast blends are perfect for clients who have highlighted/lowlighted hair, as they offer a direct match to these sometimes tricky to replicate colours.