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Why Are My Nano Ring Hair Extensions Slipping?

Nano ring hair extensions are one of the newest forms of hair extensions currently available, and have proven a popular choice over recent years due to the small size of the bond. Nano rings are fitted in a very similar way to micro ring hair extensions, however both the bond and the tip are around 90% smaller. Nano tip hair extensions come in 2 different styles, plastic and metal, and here at SimplyHair we stock the plastic version. You can read all about the difference between plastic and metal nano tips here. Despite their popularity, nano rings do come with a few extra challenges in comparison to micro ring, pre bonded, weft and tape hair extensions which both hair extension fitters and hair extension wearers need to be aware of. One of the most common issues with nano ring hair extensions is slippage, and here we will outline why this occurs and how it can be corrected.

Why Are My Nano Ring Hair Extensions Falling Out?

The main reason why nano ring hair extensions are more prone to slippage in comparison to other methods is due to the size of the ring and the tip. As these are so much smaller it means that there is less hair and ring to grip the extension in place, and when combined with some of the factors we will list below, this can cause the hair extensions to be more prone to slippage than other methods.

Metal vs Plastic Nano Tip Hair Extensions

The first thing to be aware of when considering why your nano rings, or your clients nano rings are slipping out, is whether you have used a metal or plastic nano tip. Both are as good as each other in terms of functioning, however if you have been trained to fit metal nano rings, and make the switch to plastic, or vice versa, there will be a few adjustments that need to be made in order to ensure the hair extensions are fitted correctly. The biggest difference you will find is in the thickness of the tip between the metal and the plastic ends. Plastic nano ring tips are thinner than metal tips, and will therefore require more hair to be inside the ring in order to ensure it stays in place. This is of benefit to your clients, and the key reason why we stock plastic nano tips over metal tips, as the more hair inside the ring the more support that is offered to the natural hair in holding the hair extensions weight, and the healthier this is for your scalp. If you have trained using metal tipped nano ring hair extensions and are having trouble with slippage, it may be worth speaking to your training provider in order to gain some additional knowledge in this area, however you may find that by simply adding more hair than you have previously is all that's required for the hair extensions to hold in place firmly.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions Require Extra Maintenance

Due to the size of the nano tip bond, nano rings are naturally more prone to loss than any other method, therefore those wearing or fitting nano tip hair extensions should be aware that losing anywhere from 10-20 hair extensions between each 4-6 week maintenance appointment is completely normal. Maintenance appointments are very important in terms of nano ring hair extensions as the hair supporting each bond is lower in weight than what would be used for other hair extension methods, and keeping an eye on the scalp is key to ensuring the hair's health.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions And Different Hair Types

Nano ring hair extensions are more prone to being affected by the different hair types of clients, and will not be suited to everyone. Hair which is particularly fine and delicate may not be best suited to nano ring hair extensions as they will struggle to grip and hold onto this hair type. In the same sense, nano ring hair extensions do not perform well if a client's hair is of a particularly oily nature. Excessive oil can cause the nano ring hair extensions to not hold as well as they should, and a client with this hair type would be better suited to an alternative method.

Brushing Nano Tip Hair Extensions

Using the incorrect brushing technique is much more likely to affect nano ring hair extensions than any other method, as they have less hair to support any tension applied to the bond. We have lots of advice on how to correctly brush hair extensions, and this will be very important if you are wearing nano ring hair extensions to ensure you do not lose too many bonds between maintenance appointments.

Aftercare Products For Nano Tip Hair Extensions

Using suitable aftercare products on nano tip hair extensions will also play a key role in ensuring you do not suffer from any nano ring slippage. Many high street shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients such as heavy silicones that can cause hair extensions to slip, therefore it is very important that you are using a hair extensions suitable brand.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions And Active Lifestyles

Finally, a factor that can influence nano ring hair extensions slipping out is the lifestyle of the individual who is wearing the hair. If you are a frequent gym goer or regular swimmer, the excess moisture from sweat can make hair slightly more unmanageable. As well as sweat potentially causing the hair to slip, you will naturally wash your hair more than someone who doesn't regularly exercise, meaning your hair extensions are exposed to more tension. For those with a very active lifestyle a more sturdy method such as prebonded or micro rings may be a better choice. If you are suffering from nano rings slipping out, we hope this advice and guidance helps to identify the problem. You can rest assured that most problems with hair extension slippage are very easy to solve once the cause is identified.