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Nano Ring Hair Extensions - Plastic vs Metal

If you are new to the nano ring hair extension application method, you may not be aware that there are 2 different types of nano fitting, plastic and metal.

Both types are fitted in the exact same way, and are in essence the same product, however one version has a plastic tip used to secure the nano ring, and the other has a metal tip.

At SimplyHair, our nano ring hair extension come with a plastic tip, as we believe this to be the superior choice of the two options.

Why is plastic preferred over metal?

There are a number of reasons why a plastic nano tip hair extensions is often preferred over metal tips.

Plastic Nano Tip Hair Extensions Are More Comfortable

Many find a plastic nano tip hair extension to be more comfortable than a metal nano tip. The reason for this is that the plastic tip is a lot more flexible than the metal tip, and as the bonds are placed very close to the scalp this makes nano tip hair extensions more comfortable, especially when tying the hair up or sleeping.

Plastic Nano Tips Are Adjustable

Metal tipped hair extensions tend to come in only one length, which means that if the tip is too long there is no way to adjust this to make it more comfortable for your client. With a plastic tip, this can be trimmed with scissors if preferred to create a shorter tip depending on your clients preferences, however many find that the length of the tip is suitable and does not need any adjustments.

Plastic Nano Tip Hair Extensions Are Suitable For Sensitive Scalps

As some people can suffer from metal sensitivities, a plastic tip nano ring is often preferred as it reduces the risk of a client finding that the method is not suitable for them after the fitting takes place. By opting for the plastic tips, you are eliminating the chance of the metal making contact with the scalp and causing the head to become sensitive. It is worth bearing in mind here however that nano ring hair extensions are fitted with a metal ring, which could also potentially cause a reaction in a very small number of cases, however as the nano ring does not make direction contact with the scalp this is far less likely, unlike the metal tips nano which could make contact in certain positions.

Top tips

When fitting nano ring hair extensions it is always worth taking into consideration first that these are by far the trickiest of extension methods to master due to the small size of the rings. You must ensure when using plastic tipped nano rings that the correct amount of hair is enclosed in the ring, to form a tightly sealed bond. Slippage is much more likely with a nano ring method than any other type, and therefore clients opting for this must be made aware of this before hand, as regular 3 weekly maintenance appointments are usually required to keep on top of the hair extensions.


In addition to this, due to the complicated nature of the fitting it is essential that you undertake the relevant training before offering this method to your clients. Whilst micro rings are a similar fitting technique, there are many other factors that come into play when fitting nano ring hair extensions to ensure you are doing this correctly, and offering your clients all of the correct aftercare guidance, therefore if you have not yet completed a training course in nano ring application we would highly recommend this first.