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Micro Ring/Tube Slippage - Causes and Solutions For Your Clients

Micro ring hair extensions have been a revolution to the hair extension industry. This method has provided a solution to those seeking an alternative to the traditional glue method as a way of attaching hair extensions in a non-damaging way.

Attached using a micro ring, tube, or bead as they are sometimes referred to, the hair extension is secured to individual strands by clamping a section of natural hair within a ring along side a stick tip hair extension. The result is long lasting, discrete hair extensions that are comfortable to wear, safe for your natural hair and easy to remove.

Micro rings/tubes are known for being a very secure and safe method of hair extension application which is what makes them such a popular choice, however as with any kind of beauty or hair treatment there can be the odd exception to this rule, and it is important for any trained professional to understand the possible causes and solutions to help deal with clients more effectively. Slippage is one such issue that you may come across from time to time, and here we will discuss the possible causes and solutions to help you resolve this issue quickly and effectively, and more importantly help to prevent this from occurring all together.

hair extension shampoo and conditionerOver Conditioned Hair Can Cause Hair Extension To Slide Out

Before micro ring hair extensions are fitted it is very important that the hair is washed without conditioner to prevent the hair becoming excessively slippery. You must request during your consultation that your client does not use conditioner before her fitting, as this could cause the micro rings to slip. The reason for this is that most conditioners contain silicone, and it is the silicone in the product that gives hair its soft, shiny, and easy to manage texture. It achieves this by coating the hair in a very fine layer to help hide any damage to the cuticle caused by hair colouring, heat products etc.

How Do I Stop Clients Over Conditioning Their Hair Before a Fitting:

Asking your client to not use a conditioner on her hair before a fitting can sometimes go ignored, as many cant bare the idea of running a brush through unconditioned hair. As a compromise they may chose to only use a small amount of conditioner, or a leave in conditioner, however even small amounts can cause hair extensions to not grip as well as they should. To prevent this from occuring it is worth considering adding into your costs a specific shampoo for your client to use before the fitting, and advise her not to use anything else. This will stop her from being tempted to stick to her usual routine, and will reduce the chances of her ignoring your request.

ringsUsing The Wrong Sized Ring Can Cause Hair Extensions To Come Loose

There are lots of micro rings available on the market, all with their own draw backs and benefits. At SimplyHair we offer 3 types of micro rings, the silicone lined micro ring, the silicone lined micro tube and the non silicone lined micro tube. Each individuals hair will be suitable to a particular type of micro ring, and using the wrong one for your clients hair could cause slippage.

Silicone lined micro rings are a very versatile ring as they are compatible with most types of hair, but are particularly suited to average to thick hair. If your client has average to thin hair, we would recommend the micro tube, as these tend to be more discrete, and more secure in holding this type of hair. We have both a silicone lined and non silicone lined option for our micro tubes which offer 2 different options for your clients.

How Do I Know Which Type Of Micro Ring To Use When Fitting Stick Tip Hair Extensions

Unfortunately when it comes to choosing a micro rings it very much comes down to your personal preference in which you like to work with more, and which your client prefers. The more experienced you become as a hair extension fitter, the better you will become at recognising which is going to be the best type of ring to use for each clients, and this will come from trial and error.

light brownWhat To Do If You Think The Type Of Micro Ring You Have Chosen Is Not Suited To Your Client

From time to time you may come across a client who even though you have fitted a certain type of ring with no problem in hundreds of clients, this one type just isn't working for this client. It does happen from time to time, and the only way to resolve it is to offer to change the rings.

Not Using Enough Of The Client Hair In The Micro Ring Can Cause The Hair Extension Not To Hold

One of the most common causes of micro rings slipping is not enough hair being secured within the rings, which can result in the hair extension coming loose. Ensuring that you have enclosed enough of your clients hair is not only key to making sure the ring stays in place, it is ensures that there is enough natural hair to support the weight of the hair extension. If ever unsure, too much hair in the ring is much better that not enough hair.

What To Do If You Haven't Enclosed Enough Hair In The Micro Ring:

If you haven't used enough of your clients hair inside the rings, the hair extensions are likely to start coming loose very quickly, therefore the only way to rectify this situation is to remove all of the extension that do not have enough hair, and reapply them.

Aftercare Advice CardsIncorrect After Care Routines Are a Leading Cause Of Hair Extension Loss

Using the wrong aftercare products or techniques can cause hair extensions to slip, and therefore it is important to explain to your client what products to use and how to use them correctly. Rigorous brushing is a very common cause of hair extensions coming loose, as is applying conditioner to the bonds. Equally, hair oils are essential for maintaining healthy hair extensions, however should be applied to the mid lengths and ends only.

How Do I Ensure My Clients Follow A Good After Care Routine:

Provide your client with a detailed aftercare routine that covers hair washing and brushing to ensure they are not pulling on the hair extensions too hard, or applying the wrong products. Provide them with the choice of purchasing aftercare products from you, such as hair extension shampoo and conditioner, detangling hair oils, a hair extension hair brush and a hair extension suitable bobble that will not pull and snag on the hair, so that you know what they are using incase this problem does arise, and you can more easily and confidently eliminate this cause as the reason the client is experiencing problems. To help your client keep on top of their aftercare routines, provide them with an hair extension advice card for them to keep and refer back to if ever they are unsure. This should help to dramatically decrease the number of issues caused by aftercare problems.

Can Oily Hair Cause Hair Extension To Slip?

Each and every client you come across will have a different type of hair. Some hair types will be very coarse, some fly away, some incredibly thin, some suffering from hair loss, and everything in between. Each client should be considered on an individual basis when selecting the type of hair extensions that will be fitted, as not all methods will be suited to everyone. In particular, if you come across a client who has oily hair you should consider that this client may not be suited to a micro ring/tube fitting. The excess oil sitting on the clients hair can cause the hair extensions to not hold as well, causing eventual slippage that your client will be disappointed with, especially if they are not pre warned of this.

nailWhat Hair Extension Fitting Is Suited To Oily Hair?

For a client with oily hair there are 2 solutions to consider. Firstly, if your client is adamant that they only want a micro ring/tube fitting despite concerns raised regarding the excess oil, you should make sure your client is fully informed of the implications of fitting this method on her type of hair. You can of course still go ahead with this fitting type as it will not cause any damage, but your client must understand and be happy with the fact that she may need far more regular maintenance appointments than your average client.

The second solution is to opt for an alternative fitting type such as pre bonded nail tip hair extensions. These are fused to the hair using a heat connector, and will not be affected in the same way that micro rings would from hair oils. You should still make your client aware of the limitations due to her hair type, to ensure she is fully aware of possible issues that could arise.

Reduce Micro Ring Slippage Issues With The Above Advice And Guidance

By following the guidance above, you should be able to reduce the number of clients who experience slippage from micro rings by ensuring you are considering all possible causes before hand to prevent this from happening. The majority of clients will not experience these types of problems as micro rings/tubes are known for being a very secure method, however understanding causes and solutions for the odd client who does experience these issues will help you to deal with the problem quickly, effectively and professionally.