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Have You Got The Right Type Of Ring?

When looking to purchase either stick tip or nano tip hair extensions from SimplyHair, it is important to ensure you have the right tools to be able to fit the extensions correctly. Whether you are purchasing your hair extensions and then looking for a professional to fit them for you, have already found a professional who has asked you to buy all of the relevant products, or you are just starting out in the hair extensions business, it can sometimes be a little confusing picking the correct ring for your hair type, and purchasing the wrong item may result in your hair extensions not being able to be fitted. Here we will outline each of the items, what products they should be used with, and why they are suitable for each hair type.

Silicone Lined Micro rings

One of the most popular application methods is the micro ring which are used with stick tip hair extensions. They have been designed to comfortably fit the stick tip inside as well as your natural hair for a tight fit, ensuring the hair extension is firmly in place. As the inner diameter of the ring is wide, this will make the ring too large for nano tip hair extensions, and micro rings should only be used with stick tip hair extensions. Micro rings are a popular choice as they have been around for many years, and are a staple that many are trained with, therefore any professional should be used to working with micro rings. Ours in particular also come with an added benefit in that they are silicone lined. The silicone lining is a great addition as it helps to prevent slippage, so those with oilier hair types will still be able to achieve a firm hold so that their hair extensions are long lasting and comfortable. Silicone lined micro rings measure approx. 3mm in diameter, and are available in 8 shades.

Micro tubes

Commonly also referred to as copper tubes, micro tubes are very similar to micro rings as listed above. These are fitted in the exact same way as micro rings, however they have a slightly different shape in that they are longer and thinner. Most professionals who have trained in micro rings will be comfortable with using micro tubes, and these are for use with stick tip hair extensions only. As with the micro rings above, the micro tube has a larger inner diameter and therefore will not be able to hold nano tipped hair extensions. Micro tubes are often used as an alternative to micro rings when a client has finer hair, as the micro tube can often be more discrete as it can be pushed flatter, and its greater length gives additional grip to help hold the bond in place. Measuring approx 6mm in length, and 3mm in diameter, micro tubes are available in 8 shades

Nano Rings

Nano rings are a specific type of ring that are to be used with nano tip hair extensions only. Unlike stick tip hair extensions which can be fitted with either micro rings or micro tubes, nano ring hair extensions can only be fitted with nano rings. The reason for this is that nano ring hair extensions have been designed to be very small, and the tip of the hair extension is only a millimetre or so wide. This means that to gain a secure hold, an equally small ring must be used. Attempting to fit nano ring hair extensions with micro rings or micro tubes will simply not be possible. Nano rings have an approx inner diameter of 2mm, and are available in 7 shades.

Silicone Lined Nano Ring

Nano rings also come as a silicone lined nano ring option for those who prefer to work with silicone products which are thought to offer more protection to the natural hair as well as reducing the amount of slippage experienced post fitting. Due to the addition on the silicone lining, these rings have a slightly smaller inner diameter than the non silicone lined nano rings, measuring approx 1.5mm. Silicone lined nano rings are available in 7 shades.