How Many Packs Of Hair Will I Need For A Full Head Of Hair Extensions?

A common question we are asked is how many packs of hair are required for a full head of hair extensions. Generally speaking as a rule of thumb you will require around 4 packs for a half head of hair extensions, and 8 packs for a full head of hair extensions, however there are many factors that contribute to a decision regarding how many packs of hair you will need, and here we will outline each of these to help you decide. If you do not work in the hair industry as a hairdresser or hair extensionist, before purchasing hair extensions from us we would recommend seeking professional advice from a hair extension professional regarding how much hair they think you will need, as they are trained and qualified to give you an accurate judgement based on your individual requirements. If however you have been unable to do this, here are the key points you will need to take into consideration.

How Hair Thickness Affects The Number Of Hair Extensions Required

The number 1 determining factor of how many packs of hair you will require is the thickness of your natural hair. If you would describe your hair as “average” and neither thick nor thin, the general rule of 8 packs will most likely apply to you in this instance. If you have thick hair, to achieve a full head you may find that you require more than 8 packs, and we would recommend purchase at least an additional 2 just in case. Don’t worry, if you don’t use the hair as long as it is in its original condition you are welcome to return it to us for a refund or exchange. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you have thin to medium hair you may find that 8 packs of hair is too much, and therefore you may be able to fit only 6-7 packs to achieve a full head look. Click here to shop our range of hair extensions.

How Head Size Affects The Number Of Hair Extensions Required

Believe it or not, the size of your head can also have an impact on the amount of hair you require for a hair extension fitting. If you have an average sized head, purchasing 8 packs of hair should be sufficient for a full head fitting, however if you would consider yourself to have a large head, then you may find that additional hair will need to be purchased, typically 10 packs of hair in total. Equally if you have a small head you will not have as much surface area to cover as someone with an average to large sized head, and therefore less hair will be required.

How Your Existing Hair Cut Can Affects The Number Of Hair Extensions Required

Different hair styles can have an impact on the amount of hair required to complete a full head. This rule only applies to those with either very short or very blunt haircuts, for example an angled bob. If you fall into either of these categories you may require more hair to create a natural finish, in order to hide/disguise your existing haircut. Again, around 10 packs should be enough to achieve this.

How Your Desired Finished Look Affects The Number Of Hair Extensions Required

The final aspect you should take into consideration before purchasing your hair is the overall look you are hoping to achieve with your hair extensions. If you are looking for a full and natural finish, 8 packs of hair will be more than enough to achieve this, however if you have Kim K hair in your sights, you will need a greater amount of hair extensions. Based on the factors above, you will need to decide which applies to you in order to determine how much hair you will need in order to create natural looking hair extensions. If you are concerned that your natural hair is thick, you have a larger head, you have a blunt hair cut or all of the above, purchasing more than the average of 8 would be advisable to ensure you have enough hair to complete your fitting. If you consider yourself to be pretty average based on the majority of the factors above, 8 packs of hair should be more than enough. If you feel you would fall mainly below average, as in your hair is either naturally fine and/or you have a smaller than average head you may be more suited to a half head of hair extensions rather than a full head.

What Does A Half Head Of Hair Extensions Mean?

On top of the considerations that need to be made when purchasing for a full head, you will also need to take a number of aspects into consideration if you are opting for a half head of hair extensions. A half head of hair extensions typically involves the fitting of around 4 packs of hair to add predominantly volume to a client’s hair, and in some cases length. Purchasing 4 packs or fewer for a hair extension fitting is usually only applicable if you are looking to add volume only, and the extensions will be cut to the same length as your own hair, or if you have very thin hair and/or a small head. If you have average to thick hair, a blunt haircut, or are looking to add length a half head will not be suitable for you, and as a minimum we would recommend 8 packs of hair. With this information you should now be able to make an informed decision regarding how much hair you will require to achieve the desired look for your hair type. Still not sure how much hair you will need, why not drop us an email at