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How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

[If you are looking to have hair extensions fitted, or if you are thinking about setting up a hair extension business, it is very important to understand how long hair extensions should last. This is so that if you are having them fitted you can understand how long you will have them for, and if you are setting up a business you will be able to offer your client the right advice and guidance at all times.

Hair Extensions vs Hair Extension Fitting

When talking about how long hair extensions will last, there are 2 different elements you will need to consider - how long the hair itself will last, and how long the fitting will last. These are two separate elements and need to be treated as such.

How Long Do Human Hair Extensions Last?

Generally speaking, human hair has a very long shelf life; however, as the hair is no longer attached to the scalp and is subject to varying degrees of care depending on the individual wearing the hair extensions, we would generally advise that the hair itself will last for 4-6 months. This is of course a very rough guide, and those who follow the correct maintenance and aftercare guidance can achieve a much longer length of time than this; similarly, failing to care for hair extensions correctly can reduce the amount of time your hair extensions will last.

Making Your Hair Extensions Last As Long As Possible

To ensure that your hair extensions last as long as possible, it is very important that you follow all of the recommended advice when it comes to looking after them. Consider your hair extensions as delicate as a cashmere jumper; cashmere is a very expensive product to buy, and must be cared for in a very specific way. If you wash your cashmere jumper on the correct setting and follow all of the guidance provided you will have a long lasting, beautifully soft jumper. However if you stick your jumper in with the rest of your washing, you will have a jumper that is most likely too small and cannot be worn, and that feels rough and not as soft as it started off. Your hair extensions should be treated in exactly the same way. We have an extensive supply of articles relating to caring for your hair extensions, including how to wear your hair extensions at night, how to wash your hair extensions, how to brush your hair extensions and many many more. Read up as much as you can to ensure you are giving your hair extensions the best treatment possible. Top tip – Using hair oils will help to replace the missing nutrients that the hair would have received naturally from the scalp. Using oils regularly will help to keep your hair extensions looking and feeling beautiful. Check out HairExtensionsBff, an all natural treatment suited for hair extensions.

How Long Does A Hair Extension Fitting Last Before It Needs Replacing?

How long the hair extensions will last in terms of an individual fitting is completely different to the hair itself. Generally speaking you should expect a fitting of hair extensions to last around 3-4 months before the extensions need to be removed. During this period of time your hair will continue to grow naturally, and the bonds will slowly move further and further away from your scalp. Whilst the hair should still be in very good condition at this point, the extensions will still need to be removed to protect your own natural hair from becoming tangled or damaged in any way. You can of course opt to have the same hair refitted, however it is very important to take regular breaks from hair extensions to protect your natural hair and to encourage it to stay healthy.

Getting The Most From Your Hair Extension Fitting

Staying on top of your maintenance appointments will help to ensure your hair extensions last as long as possible before a new fitting is required. It will also ensure that your natural hair is healthy at all times, and will make the removal of your hair extensions quick and simple. Find out more about the importance of hair extension maintenance appointments. Hair extensions are a big commitment, and require time and patience in order to look after and maintain them correctly. Before having a set of hair extensions fitted it is very important that you understand the information above so that you know exactly what to expect throughout the time you have them in. For more information on hair extensions, setting up a hair extension business or caring for your hair extensions, please see our hair extensions advice guides.