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Introducing SimplySessions

Say hello to SimplySessions.

It's slightly different to anything we have ever done before. But, with the world locked down due to COVID-19, it feels like the time to help others out as much as we possibly can. So, when this pandemic is over, we know we did our best to support the communities around us.

It is for this reason that we have launched SimplySessions, a place for our hair extension community to gather, and to share knowledge and advice on growing and running a hair extension business.

During the first week of lockdown, I, as the owner of SimplyHair, had a lot of time to personally reflect on where the business has been and where it was going. I realised that having started as a hair extension technician myself, it put me in a great position to offer advice to those currently growing their businesses.

I have created SimplyHair HQ to answer any questions hair professionals might have, such as running a hair extension business, social media, advertising, web design - pretty much anything and everything! I would love to see you guys learn new ways in which you can promote your businesses when we come out of this unfortunate situation. If I can help even just one person in the process, then that would be amazing.

As we are all stuck at home, doing our bit to save lives, you will notice that these videos don't have the same level of production you will be used to seeing from SimplyHair. I am filming in my own home, with my family and two toddlers - so it may get a bit chaotic and probably messy! However, if you are happy to embrace the chaos with me, then I am excited to get started on this journey.

Please give @SimplySessions a follow, and I am looking forward to sharing with you some of the stories and experience I have gained over the last decade in the hair extension industry.