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How To Use Glitter Base

Glitter base is a formula created to be safe for use on hair, that offer hold, dries quickly, and is easy to wash out.


Step 1 - Select what glitter you would like to use on your hair.  This can be a single glitter, or you can combine different colours or textures to create the perfect shade for you.

Step 2 - Open your Glitter Base and use a tint brush to scoop a portion out into a tint bowl.  Use as little or as much as you are going to need for any given style.  If you are looking to add glitter to a parting for example, 1 heaped scoop is usually enough.

Step 3 - Add your glitter to the Glitter Base.  We would recommend adding a small amount and then testing on the back of your hair, building in more glitter until you have the look you were hoping for.  You can always add more glitter, but you wont be able to take it out if you add too much without wasting product.

Step 4 - Now that your glitter mixture is created it is ready to be applied to the hair using a tint brush  For precision placement, use the very tips of the brush only.

Step 5 - To remove the glitter and Glitter Base, simply wash the hair with your usual shampoo and conditioner, and you will find that the gel is water soluble and easy to remove.

Step 6 - Seal your Glitter Base tub with the lid and store away ready for next time!

Top Tip - If you plan to use A LOT of the same colour glitter, for example if you you are doing hair for multiple people, we would recommend emptying the entire Glitter Base into your tint bowl, mixing in your glitter, and then scooping the mixture back into the original tub and sealing with the lid.  Now you have a premade glitter ready for use!