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How To Tone Blonde Hair Extensions

If your client has a warmer tone than the lightest blonde hair extensions, a quick fix for this is to apply a purple shampoo to add violet pigment to the hair, giving a more silvery outcome.


Here is our step by step process on how to apply purple shampoo to hair extensions to achieve the perfect silvery tone.

This process is for people who are wanting to tone the colour before wearing them. If you already have your hair extensions fitted, please follow these steps.


Step 1: Fill a bowl with lukewarm water, followed by approx 2 teaspoons worth of purple shampoo. Then you need to swish it around so that the purple is diffused across the full body of water. It is important that you remove any lumps of shampoo, and make sure it is all fully diluted, as lumps can deposit straight onto the hair, creating a blotchy finish.


Step 2: We then suggest using a sample piece, so either 1 bundle, 1 tape, essentially you want a small amount to test that you are achieving the right overall colour before toning the entire set of hair extensions.

You need to make sure that the hair extensions are damp before you put them into the purple toner water, as dry hair extensions will soak up the pigment faster and more intensely than wet hair extensions.


Step 3: Dip your hair extensions in the purple water and swish around for a couple of seconds, before removing it and running it between your fingers to remove excess water. You will notice the colour beginning to change almost immediately, so by checking it every couple of seconds you will be able to ensure you are achieving the desired colour.


Step 4: Once you have achieved the desired colour, you need to rinse the hair extensions so that all of the toner is removed. If you do not fully rinse the hair extensions with clean water, the toner will continue to develop, and the longer the hair is exposed to the purple toner, the more likely it is that you will notice a purple tint in the colour.


Step 5: Apply a conditioner to the hair, preferably a strong formula like a hair mask, so that they are as soft and nourished as possible. Once applied you can then thoroughly rinse the hair again.


Step 6: Once rinsed out, we would then recommend using a leave-in conditioner, in order to make the hair easier to brush through, and less prone to breakage. You can then brush through the hair gently to remove any tangles, using a hair extension brush.


Step 7: Finally, apply a light mist of heat protection spray, before proceeding to dry and straight the hair to check the colour.


If once dried the hair extensions are the colour you had hoped, you can follow the same method again, applying the same amount of shampoo to your water, and leaving the hair extensions in for the same amount of time in order to achieve the same colour in the entire set. Even though the formula has been tested beforehand on your test piece, you still need to keep a close eye on the colour as it developed, so that you don't over or undertone each section.


If once the hair extensions are dry they are not the colour you had hoped, you need to start the process again by either adding more purple shampoo to the water or leaving the hair in the water for longer if you think the colour isn't toned enough. Or if you notice they are too toned, then you will need to dilute the purple shampoo mixture with more water or leave the hair extensions in the water for less time. This trial and error process will ensure you find the right consistency and conditions for the colour you want, before doing it to the whole set and potentially having a colour you didn't want.