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How To Remove Tape Hair Extensions That Are Matted At The Root

We have all been there. We have turned up to a client's house to remove a set of tape hair extensions, only to find that they have not cared for the hair correctly and allowed the extensions to become tangled at the root.

This can be a bit scary, especially if you have not encountered it before. However, with patience and a lot of conditioning, even the most stubborn matted hair extensions can usually be removed without any trouble.

Step 1: To remove a set of matted hair extensions, you first need to clip away the natural hair on top of the hair extensions. This will allow you to see what you are dealing with and have a clear workspace.

Step 2: Remove the extensions. The first thing you will need to do is remove the hair extensions and not worry about the tangling for now. Remove the tape hair extensions as you usually would, using a pintail comb and removal solution.

Step 3: Once all of the tapes have been removed, you will find that the hair is quite sticky, making removing the tangles challenging and prone to breakage. Therefore before you detangle, you will need to wash your client's hair with a cleaning shampoo and LOTS of conditioners. This will make the detangling process much more manageable.

Step 4: When washing the hair, ensure to work the shampoo into the matted sections, as the less sticky this area is, the better.

Step 5: Now that the hair is less sticky, clip the natural hair out of the way again so that you can see the tangled roots. Using your pin tail comb, very carefully and slowly work your way around the hair, detangling as you go. Even if you are working out a couple of hairs at a time using your pintail comb, the knots will slowly begin to break down.

Step 6: Continue to use plenty of remove salutation and leave-in conditioner to aid this process.

Step 7: Once you have removed the tangles, it's time to rewash the client's hair, using cleansing shampoo and conditioner. As with before, pay special attention to the sections that we matted.

Step 8: Spray the hair with lots of leave-in conditioner, and use your fine comb to brush through the hair. Any last bits of glue of tangles should now be removed, and your client's hair should be free from tangles and knots.