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How To Re-Tip Nail Tip Hair Extensions

Reusing hair extensions is a great way to make the most of your hair extensions if you have managed to look after them well, and keep it in a good condition. Most hair extensions are relatively simple to re-tip if you have the right know-how, however when it comes to nail tip hair extensions these can be a little tricky and will take a fair bit of time to complete, but nonetheless, if you want to reuse your nail tip hair extensions, it is possible.

There are two ways in which you can re-use your nail tip hair extensions, you can either fit a new nail tip attached to the strand of hair, or you can use a keratin gun.

Re-tipping Nail Tip Hair Extensions Using a Keratin Gun

If you chose to use this option, this will mean that you need to remove the original nail tip attachment altogether in order to start the process. This is super simple to do, and you simply use a pair of hair scissors to cut off the nail tip as close to the bond as you can. Once you have cut away the bond, you need to use a heated keratin gun to apply a small amount of keratin to the strand and fuse this to the hair. In order to do this method of re-using nail tip hair extensions, you will need to be trained in applying hair extensions using a keratin gun, as this has a different technique to the classic nail tip method.

By reapplying in such a way, you should get a good as new fitting, which should last you another full 3-4 months of wear out of your hair extensions, however as you are re-using them a second time it will be extra important to be looking after your hair as best as possible, with lots of conditioning treatments.

Re-tipping Nail Tip Hair Extensions Using New Nail Tips

It is possible to re-tip nail tip hair extensions by applying new nail tip pieces to each strand. This is a great way to re-tip your nail tip hair extensions if you are looking to do it for your client, as you will be able to do this before the fitting so that you can arrive prepared and ready to go straight into the fitting.

In order to re-tip nail tip hair extensions, you will first need to thoroughly clean the hair. Once it has been washed and dried, you are ready to start the re-tipping process. You will need your heated nail tip tool, your new nail tip glue pieces, and a pair of hair scissors in order to complete this task. Take one old extension, and cut away the old bond, leaving just a few millimetres of the bond in place. You do not want to cut away the whole bond as this will make the process much harder. Once you have a small piece of the old bond remaining, use your heated tool to heat up the glue left on the bond. Whilst the glue is melted and still hot, gently place it on the new nail tip piece, a few millimetres from the top of the new nail tip piece. Now when you come to refit the hair extensions, as you melt the new nail tip you will be able to secure the rest of the hair extension strands inside the new glue, creating a new tight bond that should last another 3-4 months.

There is a downside to this method, in that it can be difficult to secure all of the hair inside the new bond, so re-tipped nail tip hair extensions can result in some shedding. Using the keratin gun technique typically has less shedding, and could be a better option if you have struggled with this in the past. In addition, as you are cutting off the old bond in both methods, this will mean that your new hair extensions are slightly shorter, especially as they will most likely need a good trim once they are fitted, so it is worth bearing this in mind to avoid any disappointment.

Of all of the hair extension types available, nail tip hair extensions are one of the most time consuming to re-tip, however, if you have looked after the hair and want to reuse it, following these simple steps is an easy way to get another few months from your hair extensions.