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How To Maintain Micro Ring Hair Extensions

One of the great things about micro ring hair extensions is how easy they are to maintain, and how much wear you can get out of the same hair when it is looked after correctly.

Our client has had her hair extensions in for 6 weeks and as her hair has continued to grow, the hair extensions are further away from the root from when they were first fitted. As micro ring hair extensions are not damaged when they are taken out, they can easily be reapplied using a fresh ring, meaning that your client can wear their hair extensions for months and months without the natural hair becoming damaged.

In order to maintain micro ring hair extensions, you will need to take your client's hair extensions out row by row, removing the old rings, brushing through the hair, and then applying the old hair extensions with a new ring.

It is important to do this row by row, rather than removing all of the hair extensions at once, as when you would have fit the hair extensions originally, they would have been cut and shaped for the client. If you take all of the hair extensions out at once, you may end up putting hair extensions in at the back, that was originally at the front, meaning the hair looks very uneven and needs to be cut quite a bit shorter in order to look the same length. By dealing with each extension row by row will mean you can ensure that the hair goes back to the same place.

Hopefully, if your client has lost any hair extensions, she will have kept them so that you can also put these back in for her, however, if she has lost hair extensions and not kept them, you may need to add more during her maintenance appointment, and for this, you would need to charge for any new hair added.

Once you have worked your way through the whole head, you will need to give the hair extensions a nice trim. If your client has looked after her hair extensions correctly, they should only need a little trim to freshen them up.

The better your client looks after her hair extensions, the longer she will be able to maintain her hair extensions and keep wearing them without having to purchase a brand new set of hair, so it is well worth encouraging your clients to look after their hair extensions and follow the correct aftercare routine so that they get the most of their new hair.