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How To Create Jumbo Festival Braids

Braids are a staple style for any festival season, and jumbo braiding hair is a great way to add colour, glitter, and creativity to your look. Adding in jumbo braiding hair is super simple if you already have the basics of dutch braiding down, and here are our top tips on adding jumbo braids securely.


Tip 1:  Preparation is key for working with jumbo braiding hair. As a textured synthetic hair type, it can easily knot and is not designed to be brushed. Therefore, it is essential to handle it with care and prepare for the style you are creating.

Take your 100g pack of jumbo braids for jumbo braids and gently separate them into two halves. Put one half to the side, and with the other, you are going to divide into four pieces. The first piece should be your smallest (the smaller the better!), and then get progressively bigger until your final piece is the largest.

Using a bobby bin, secure a pin in the middle of each section and put it within easy reach of where you will be braiding.

Repeat the process for your other half.

Tip 2: Make sure the client's hair is prepped. Use a wet gel to tame any flyaway hairs, and make the hair easy to handle. This will mean your sections can be neater, and the finished look will be more refined.

Tip 3: Adding in the jumbo braid can feel tricky if you haven't done it before, so we like to use bobby pins for added security. Start your dutch braid as normal, and after 2 full patterns, take your jumbo braid and slide the bobby pin up into your braid so it pokes out the other side. This will secure the hair in place to include each side of the jumbo hair into the 2 outer pieces of your dutch braid. Continue as you usually would, adding and building the braid down the head. As you work your way down the heat, add in your jumbo braid piece by piece, using your bobby pin to slide the hair into the braid and keep your hands holding the braid nice and tight. Once all of the pieces are added, and you have secured the dutch braid right down to the bottom, use a baby elastic to tie the hair at the end.

Tip 4:  Trim the ends of your jumbo braid. As the hair is synthetic, it will easily tangle while braiding, so trimming the ends will help keep the braids looking nice and neat.

Tip 5: Removing the bobby pins. Your dutch braids are complete, you can slowly remove any visible bobby pins by gently threading them back through the hair. If some of the bobby pins are hidden in the braid, then we would recommend leaving them in place, as the client is unlikely to be able to feel these and it adds a little more hold and structure.

Tip 6:  Keeping the hands nice and close to the head as you work your way down is essential for a tight dutch braid, however it is quite common for the braid to hang slightly at the nape of the neck. If you find this to be the case then use some bobby pins to tighten and neaten the bottom.