How To Blend A Grown Out Fringe With Hair Extensions

If you have a client who has a grown out fringe or bangs at the front, it is helpful to cut these into the hair extensions, in order to give a softer finish to the hair extensions and to help them blend more naturally.

In order to do this, you will first need to use your scissors to chip into the ends of the fringe, in order to break up and thin out any harsh lines.


Once you have taken out weight from the front sections, you can begin using a feathering technique to follow the angle of the front pieces into the new section of hair extensions. This will help to blend the natural hair into the hair extensions.

Keep checking and adjusting as you go, seeing how the blend is developing, and continuing to feather into the hair more until the two pieces are blending together.


Once you have feathered as much as you can to blend each section together, you can return to your front section to chip into the piece again, further softening the shape.