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How To Apply Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions are an incredibly popular method of hair extensions due to how flat they sit against the head and how quickly they can be installed.

Tape hair extensions should only be applied by trained professionals, however, if you are a qualified technician looking to brush up on your tape hair extension application method, here is a quick rundown on best practices for applying tape hair extensions. 

Only Apply Tape Hair Extensions To Clean Hair

It is very important that tape hair extensions are applied to clean hair. Ensure that your client has washed and dried hair, and that they have only used a cleansing shampoo on their hair with no conditioner. This will help the hair extensions to stay in place more securely, as the hair will be free from any product build-up or silicones.

When applying each piece of tape, ensure that you have created a clean section with no stray baby hairs. Flyaway hairs that get caught in the tape can cause traction alopecia, therefore using a tool such as a hair gripper can help to ensure any loose hairs are secured out of the way.

Section your first piece of hair for the tape installation, and use small sectioning clips to keep any flyaway hairs from underneath getting in the way. If you are fitting a full head of hair extensions you would start your sectioning from the back, however, for the purposes of this demo, we are only applying hair extensions to the sides of the head.

Place your first hair extension underneath the section you have taken, and use your thumb to gently secure as much of the hair to the tape, trying not to touch the sticky surface of the tape too much.

Lay your hair extension flat, and then place the top piece of tape onto the top layer of your section, ensuring it is inline and the majority of each of the sticky surfaces are in line with each other.

For extra grip, use a smooth plier to apply pressure to the tapes, squeezing them as firmly together as possible.

Always ensure when fitting tape hair extensions that you are leaving enough room between the scalp and the hair extension so that it can move around freely, without creating any tension spots or pulling on the hair. It is also vitally important that the hair extension is laid flat against the head so that it blends naturally against the scalp for a seamless finish.