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How To Apply Pastel Colours To Blonde Hair

Sometimes its fun to add a little colour to light hair, but you don't always want something vivid and dramatic. A great way to add a tint of colour to your hair is to apply bold colours on wet hair, reducing the speed and strength of the colour, leaving the hair looking beautifully tinted in a fun shade.

Our client was looking to add a pink hue to her blonde hair, and this is how we did it.

Step 1: Pink your shade. Our client wanted a light pink tone to her hair. Therefore we opted for Crazy Colour Candy Floss.

Step 2: We don't want the hair to suck up the colour therefore to slow the process, we are wetting our client's hair first. It is a good idea to not only wet the hair but also wash it simultaneously, as this will mean you have a nice clean canvas to work on, without any product build-up sitting on the hair.

Step 3: Brush through your client's hair so it is tangle free, before sectioning off a layer at the back of the head to start applying your colour.

Step 4: Using a Tint brush, apply your colour to the wet hair in small pieces. As our client already has a balayage colour, we are only painting the colour onto the hair that is blonde and leaving the roots, however, if you have a client with all blonde hair you might want to go all the way to the root.

Step 5: Once you have applied your colour to the first layer, use your hands to massage the colour into the hair further, ensuring that it is fully saturated throughout the hair.

Step 6: Take another section of hair and repeat the process, applying in small chunks to make sure nothing is missed.

Step 7: As you work your way through the hair, you may find that some of the hair, particularly around the front, has started to dry and is no longer wet, and if this happens, it is best to use a spray bottle to wet the hair again so that it is the same as the rest of the hair.

Step 8: Now your colour is fully applied, you can wait 20 minutes whilst the colour develops. The longer you wait the deeper the colour will be, even if the hair is wet to start, so you may want to rinse off earlier depending on the overall look you are going for.

Step 9: Rinse your client's hair, but use cool water, the colder the better. This will help to lock in the colour for a more long-lasting finish.

Now you are ready to dry and style!