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Hair salons and mobile stylists are facing one of the biggest challenges experienced by the industry in history. Multiple lockdowns, social distancing and tiered systems mean salons and mobile stylists have been struggling to keep their heads above water since the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Support from the local community has never been more critical.

Visiting your local salon or booking an appointment with your favourite mobile stylist boosts a person's confidence. However, as we are left longer and longer without one of our favourite services, more people realise the impact our hairdressers have on our communities, and how they offer far more than just a new haircut.

Confidence Boost

A new haircut or colour is an easy way to give yourself a confidence boost, however heightened levels of confidence have more than just a positive effect on how we feel about the way we look. People with higher confidence and self-esteem also experience an increased sense of worth, more happiness and joy in life, less anxiety and more energy and motivation. Given the difficulty faced by the nation due to the pandemic, increased self-confidence is something that will help us in many areas of our lives, not just our satisfaction with our appearance.

Therapy Session

Many people who visit their hairdresser will often comment upon leaving that they feel as though they have just had a therapy session, as they unburden themselves from a lot of life's struggles and anxieties onto their stylist. It is one of the real pleasures in hairdressing; that we as stylists can build a relationship of trust with our clients, so they feel safe to share their lives with us. In general, Hairdressers tend to be an open-minded bunch of individuals, which is why many feel comfortable sharing intimate details of their lives. However unlike a real therapist who is paid to help you figure out your problems, hairdressers will give their no holds barred opinion on your situation, which is often what an individual is looking for at that time. This makes an invaluable contribution to us as a society, as a problem shared is a problem halved after all.

Stress Relief

Even if you're not the type of person to share your struggles and intimate life problems with your stylist, visiting the hairdressers can still have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing, as it offers an opportunity for some much needed "me time" and stress relief. Whether it is sitting down for an hour to enjoy a coffee in peace, or a head massage that helps you forget your troubles, visiting the hairdressers can give a person a real boost in their mood, which has a positive effect not only on themselves but those around them.

Your Personal Hair Doctor

Hairstylists have spent many years becoming experts in different hair types, and therefore are the best person to make recommendations on how to promote healthy hair growth. Whether that be how to fix dry hair, how to stop your colour fading or ways in which to hide and improve the signs of ageing - hairdressers have a wealth of knowledge that you benefit from every time your visit.

Hairstylists Are Non-Judgmental Hair Magicians Who Can Save Your Sanity

Had a bad haircut from your best friend? Attempted a home hair colour that is patchy? Accidentally fried your hair by bleaching it yourself? Hairdressers often come to the rescue to fix problematic hair and restore your battered confidence. Whilst a hairdresser will always encourage you to use a professional service to avoid mistakes like this, they will still help you fix it. As professionals, it is important to us that clients feel good about themselves, and we want to be the person to restore an individual's confidence. Therefore hairdressers are often considered to work their magic to improve even the most disastrous of at-home treatments.