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How Do I Find Someone To Fit My Extensions?

If you are considering hair extensions for the first time, it is very important to think about who will be fitting them for you, as these are a professional product which require skill and knowledge to fit correctly. Here we will look at a few points which should be taken into consideration when choosing someone to fit your hair extensions.


Hair Extensions Should Be Fitted By Trained Professionals

The first and most important aspect to consider when choosing someone to fit your hair extensions is ensuring that they are a qualified professional. Your sister’s friend may be keen to fit them for you because she has seen a YouTube video and it looked pretty easy, however this will only result in the likely possibility that your extensions will need to be removed due to incorrect fitting, or in worst case scenarios cause problems such as traction alopecia due to incorrect placement. Hair Extension technicians are not only trained to fit the hair extensions, but they are also educated in choosing the right type for your hair and lifestyle, spotting any potential issues, and giving your the correct aftercare guidance.


Hair Extensions Professional Should Have Proof Of The Qualification

Once you have located a professional, be that via google, Instagram or a recommendation, you should request that you see a copy of this individual certificate. All professionals who have completed an accredited hair extension course will have obtained a certificate to validate their qualifications, and by seeing it first-hand you can be confident that they are qualified to do the job at hand, instead of just saying they are.


Hair Extension Insurance

All qualified hair extension technicians should have some kind of insurance in place to be able to offer such a service in a business capacity, therefore if you have any doubt at all about the individual’s qualifications you could ask for details of their insurance. They will have only been able to obtain insurance with proof that they are qualified in the profession. Having insurance also demonstrates that the individual is responsible, the type of qualities you will be looking for in someone to fit your hair extensions for you.


Hair Extension Portfolio

Now that you have seen that your chosen individual is qualified to fit hair extensions, it would be a good idea to ask to see their portfolio, so that you are able to see examples of their work. For most busy hair extension technicians, taking before and after pictures is key to bringing in new client’s, so this should be something they offer without hesitation. If your fitter is reluctant to show you a portfolio this could suggest that she has only just qualified, and does not have much experience. A great place to look is their Instagram account, as most hair extensionists will demo their work here. Key things to look out for are that the colour match is accurate, that the hair extensions have been blended correctly, and that the hair looks to be high quality.


Newly Qualified Hair Extension Technicians

It is worth bearing in mind that although an individual may be recently qualified, this does not necessarily mean they are not up to the task of fitting your hair extensions, so don’t let this put you off. Even the best hair extension fitters have to start somewhere, so as long as you feel happy with the individual, their qualifications, and whatever examples they have to show you, you should still have the outcome you desire.


Hair Extension Recommendations

Where possible, it would also be helpful to speak to someone who has had their extensions fitted already by this person. You will then have a first-hand perspective of what to expect from the fitting. Most hair extensionists will tag their clients in their before and afters, so you could quite easily reach out via a quick dm to see if that can offer a quick review.