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Half Up Jumbo Braids

For clients with shorter hair, half-up jumbo braids are a fun way of adding a little spice without going all out with full-colour waist-length braids.

Follow these steps to create this simple half-up jumbo braid look.

Step 1:  Prep your jumbo braiding hair by first dividing your jumbo braid in half (we will only be using half of it), then splitting it into four sections, two small and two large. Apply a bobby pin in the centre of each piece of jumbo braid and place it within arms reach.

Step 2:  Part the hair through the middle and clip one side out of the way.

Step 3:  Gather a section at the front of your client's head and begin a traditional dutch braid for two full transitions.

Step 4:  Take your first dutch braid piece and insert the bobby pin at the base of the braid so that it extends all the way through and pokes out the other side. For added security, if you are new to this type of braiding, ask your client to hold onto the bobby pin for added stability.

Step 5: Add each side of the jumbo braid to the two outer pieces of your braid, and then continue braiding as normal.

Step 6: Repeat this process after two full transitions by inserting your other piece of jumbo braid.Step 6:  Continue your dutch braid until you reach the endpoint for your half-up piece and secure it with a clear elastic.

Step 7:  Take another clear elastic and place around 1.5inches below the first elastic. Gently pull at the hair between the two elastics to loosen and create a rounded bubble shape.

Step 8:  Repeat this process to the end of the hair and trim away the excess jumbo braid.

Step 9:  Repeat this process on the opposite side.

Step 10:  Tame any flyaways with hair spray or gel; your look is complete!